‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Will Be “Savage”

The Walking Dead

There are only a couple weeks left in season four of The Walking Dead and the last two episodes look to be riveting. In response to a fans questions about the finale in a Reddit AMA, creator Robert Kirkman said it will be “savage” in all caps. Among other things, he went on to further say that there will be a cliffhanger that will make the break between seasons 4 and 5 the hardest wait viewers have ever had.

Today, a new promotional poster was released further adding to the intrigue of the final two episodes, titled Us and A. It depicts Rick, Michonne, and Carl walking through what seems to be fog, looking curiously to their left. In white graffiti print across it are the words “Who will arrive,” referencing the Terminus that all of the survivors are heading towards.

As a recap, Daryl was last seen with a group of redneck, ragtag survivors after losing Beth who was kidnapped in a priest’s car. In the comics, the priest becomes a major character, though the arc with Beth is exclusive to the show only. Last episode, Carol revealed the truth to Tyrese about her killing Karen and things are relatively resolute between them. However, they are both bearing the emotional burden of the death of the two girls in The Grove. Elsewhere, Glenn encounters Tara and then Abraham and company and it seems he is catching up to his wife Maggie, who has Sasha and Bob by her side. Lastly, Rick and a more mature Carl are on good terms, with Michonne in their company as the glue character.

Such as the case for every season in The Walking Dead, at least one survivor will die, likely in the finale, and it could be a “savage” death. When asked in the Reddit discussion by a fan if the popularity of a character could be a saving grace from death, Kirkman compared the characters to fruit in that they “ripen.” He said they would have to earn their death by becoming popular and once at that point, no character is too popular to die.

When asked specifically about Rick Grimes, the protagonist of The Walking Dead, Kirkman said even he is not a safe character in all caps with an “absolutely” to top it off. The creator did not rule out the possibly of the other supposed untouchable character of Daryl biting the dust. In brackets he writes on Reddit “suck it Reedus!” referencing Norman Reedus, the actor who portrays the popular character.

The synopsis for the next episode of The Walking Dead, Us, focuses on faith and brutality as key for survivors. By the description of it, it looks like one or more of the characters will get savage sometime in the last two episodes, but some good old faith will be the yin to the yang. Tune in Sunday March 23 at 9pmĀ for Us on AMC. The season finale will kick off next week on March 30.

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