The Walking Dead Season 4 Marathon the Saturday Buildup to Sunday Finale

The Walking Dead Season 4 Marathon the Saturday Buildup to Sunday Finale
For all those Walking Dead fans out there AMC is going to stage a Saturday The Walking Dead season 4 marathon as part of the buildup to the Sunday finale. The network is going to air all 15 episodes of the season back to back so fans can get geared up, and revved up, for the fourth season finale.

The final episode of this season will air on Sunday, March 30 at 9/8 pm CST and starting the day before, March 29 at 8/7 pm CST, the marathon starts and will not end until the time of the final episode’s airing. All 15 shows will be made available starting with 30 Days Without an Incident.

AMC are also telling Walking Dead fans to send in any questions they may have about season 4 to show runner Scott Gimple starting now, and ending on March 31. Apparently Gimple will peruse the questions and may actually answer a few on an exclusive interview that will be available later that week.

While waiting for the season 4 marathon of The Walking Dead and the huge build up for the final episode, fans can read the Q&A session with Josh McDermitt who plays Eugene Porter. Josh talks about his feelings for the potential saviour of the human race. He also reveals who Eugene is based on, in real life, and the idea of comedy in the series. McDermitt also talks about who the funniest cast member is from the Dead verse and reveals much about that “mullet.”

While the opportunity to have their questions answered by showrunner and executive producer Scott Gimple may thrill some fans and the truth behind Josh McDermitt’s mullet, he swears that it bites if ignored, may just prove to be fascinating stuff, most will be ready to “binge watch” the entire fourth season. Even if they’ve seen all the episodes before, there is nothing like catching up so that the finale feels like an almost “reel” time ending.

Taking into account all the huge ramifications of this season’s events. Remembering the Governor, Hershel, Lizzie and Mika, Daryl and Beth, and all the in-between bits; like Rick and Carl growing closer and Michonne proving to be a sight for sore eyes, this The Walking Dead Saturday marathon in the buildup to the Sunday finale will all remind the fans of just how much is at stake by the end of season four.

Of course not every fan will, or be able to, watch every episode back to back and may want to just catch the eye popping, or revealing episodes. Considering the “shot to the heart” that The Grove was – there cannot be too many who could sit through that heart breaking episode again – so perhaps not everyone will want to relive that particular event. Although it must be said, if Melissa McBride does not pull in an award for that program, Emmy voters should be forced to watch that episode repeatedly…sans tissues.

Season four has taken the time to allow fans of the show to learn more about the main characters from Rick’s camp of survivors. One entire episode was based around the inner workings of that “big bad” The Governor. Some have not particularly cared for the second half of season 4 with it downsizing of plot and story, but beginning on Saturday March 29 in a final marathon build up to The Walking Dead season finale on Sunday, fans can once again go through the roller coaster of emotions that has been the fourth season’s journey to the end. Bring it on.

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  1. Anonymous XD (@aleulover)   March 27, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    it was weird watching the character wander around suburbia post zombie apocalypse


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