The Walking Dead: Us Ends With Terminus Looking Deadly

The Walking Dead Us Ends With Terminus Looking Deadly

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead finally allowed viewers a glimpse of the sanctuary of Terminus and in Us this end of the line destination looks deadly. Whether it’s the deserted look of the place, where the paint looks barely dry and the whole compound seems eerily like the Marie Celeste, or the solitary woman who greets the group. Granted there is this lone female who is there to welcome the first of the survivors to enter, but her calm acceptance of these potential new members to Terminus feels about a ersatz as powdered eggs.

It does seem that all roads lead to this “end of the line” accommodation as each group in last night’s episode are headed there. Of course it comes to light that, unbeknownst to Daryl, Joe and his gang of redneck’s are looking for Rick for some payback. Looking at the previews of the season finale, it looks like Terminus is deadly enough that Rick won’t have to worry about Joe’s grunge bunch. There is also the question of how long it will take Tyreese, Carol and baby Judith to catch up.

One thing that Joe has right is his supposition that Terminus is a lie. His reasoning is that his type A group will not be welcomed anywhere, that sanctuary for them is the lie here. Looking at Terminus, however, it looks like this alpha male has hit the metaphorical nail on the head. The place that has been advertised all along the railroad track doesn’t appear to be telling the truth with its claim of sanctuary.

The appearance at the end of Us in The Walking Dead of Terminus makes the place feel more deadly than welcoming. This episode gave the viewers a break from last week’s tragic pathos and Carol’s stepping up to the mark under the strain of her figuratively losing her daughter all over again. The stragglers this week included Glenn, Tara and their new group members Eugene, Abraham and Rosita. Daryl and his little band of killers as well as Rick, Michonne and Carl and finally Maggie, Sacha and Bob Stookey.

In what feels like the calm before the storm, Rick, Michonne and Carl are happily following the tracks to Terminus. All three are smiling and bonding more like a family. The preview of next week’s season four finale, looks as though Rick had better enjoy his laughter now. Next week he appears to be a man who’s had the rug pulled out from under him.

Daryl is more fully accepted into the group, one that he really doesn’t want to be a part of, but only after his main tormentor is dispensed with brutally. Will Daryl become a willing participant and member of Joe’s killers? When he finds the dead remains of the man kicked into the next world by the group, he moves to cover the body. He stops before the gesture is completed, showing another side to Daryl, one not seen for some time. Is he heading to the dark side? Next week’s episode will, hopefully, show whether or not he will stick with Joe or stand with Rick.

Glenn’s reunion with Maggie came just in time for the group to reach Terminus. This empty sanctuary actually feels more deadly than welcoming. The Walking Dead: Us feels like it is setting the viewer up for a disturbing finale where more favorites will shuffle off their mortal coil in a burst of gory violence.

By Michael Smith



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