Throwback Thursday, Pope Francis

throwback thursdayThrowback Thursday is the name of a weekly post theme on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. states that participants post classic pictures of themselves, friends and loved ones to reminisce. Photos can be days, weeks or years old. There are no rules and really it is just an excuse to post more pictures. Some have even extended the trend to include songs and videos from the past, although this is rare.

It is always fun to take a look at people when they were young and laugh at funny hairstyles, fashions and poses. The past can be quite enlightening also, showing the activities that friends and loved ones participated in years ago. Unfortunately, it can be quite embarrassing for some who have pictures of ridiculous actions, hair styles and clothing posted of themselves without their consent. This is common on these types of social media websites though. One might say that people are used to it.

Pope Francis’ latest move proves that he too is into social media. After taking a selfie with his “fans” who were on a pilgrimage, he posted Throwback Thursday pictures of himself; and the world saw what a handsome fellow he was when he was younger. According to an article in the International Business Times, this is proof that the Pope is tech savvy despite his age. In fact, he has a Twitter handle inherited from the last pontiff, @Pontifex with 10 million followers as of Last October.

It is not surprising that the Internet exploded with praise over these photos. According to the International Business Times, Paul B Raushenbush posted, “Pope Francis Rocks,” and Shawn DaDuekdelao said that his Instagram photo was “beyond cute.” Furthermore, Burson-Marsyeller, a Swiss-based communications and public relations firm, named him the most influential world leader on Twitter. This is high praise and well-deserved.

Throwback Thursday, Pope Francis is just one small part of his legacy. Pope Francis is truly a pope of the people and many are proud to call him their pontiff. His most recent statements have made the news. Including, “who am I to judge” regarding homosexuals and a warning that the church must support instead of criticize those that have been divorced. This pope is humble and does not put on airs. In fact according to The Daily Mail he has been caught sneaking out of the Vatican at night to give money to the poor.

The pope may be admirable but he also decidedly remains humble. In a statement to the New York Post, Pope Francis said that he eats, cries, sleeps, laughs and has friends just like everyone else. He does not want to be known as the Superpope, as one Italian street artist depicted him, or Superman, that would contradict his beliefs. followers of Christ are supposed to remain humble and Christ-like.

One thing is for certain, this is a different kind of pontiff, perfect for this day and age. People today require a pope that can reach out to fulfill their diverse needs and be inclusive. The world needs Pope Francis. He is often making tracks and this Throwback Thursday, Pope Francis images are just part of his legacy that will be remembered for eternity.

Opinion by: Nicole Drawc


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