Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Ended but a New Game Begins This Sunday

Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Ended but a New Game Will Begin on Sunday

The multiplayer experiment known as Twitch Plays Pokemon is now over, ended when the multiplayer experiment finally got down to the Elite Four, but never fear — a new game is about to begin, within 24 hours.

Just under 100,000 Twitch Plays Pokemon players participated in the game, but now it has reached its conclusion.

The Pokemon game that received so much attention was Pokemon Red, from 1996. Gamers would simultaneously enter in moves for one character to make, and the character would make every move that was suggested. Somehow, despite the apparent randomness of making moves be this method, the game reached its ultimate end, and also attracted an immense following and a respectable online audience.

How long did it take Twitch Plays Pokemon to reach its ultimate end?

After an anonymous programmer began streaming the game live a couple of Fridays ago, Twitch Plays Pokemon lasted 17 days and gamers played it for approximately 300 continuous hours. It ended around early Saturday morning, 1 a.m. PST.

According to a report by CNET, when Twitch Plays Pokemon got to its final lineup of Pokemon, the online team of gamers upped levels and strength as they constantly engaged in battles and achieving victories over other Pokemon characters.

The computer specialist who posted Twitch Plays Pokemon told Polygon that he didn’t know exactly how people would respond from the beginning. He just wanted “to see how many people would respond.” He added that it didn’t take him long to put the whole game together and have it up on a dedicated server. He did it “all within a few days.”

Like with the original Gameboy version, the software for Twitch Plays Pokemon only was able to parse the commands a and b, start, up, down, right, left, and select.

Twitch Plays Pokemon Has ended but a New Game Will Begin on Sunday

The game was called Twitch Plays Pokemon, as anyone who is familiar with it knows, because it was put up by the programmer on the website To give the experiment added interest, the programmer made the single-player game into a multiplayer one, by crowdsourcing the controls so that gamers around the world could participate.

The site has enjoyed a lot of attention and favorable publicity during the course of the game. According to Twitch’s VP for Marketing Matthew DiPietro, it has made everyone at the site “think deeply about creative social experiments that can be done on Twitch.”

Besides the hundreds of thousands of concurrent gamers who played witch Plays Pokemon, the game spawned a lot of online chat, jokes, and memes about it. Over 122 million commands were issued during the course of Twitch Plays Pokemon, and at its peak of viewers, 121,999 people were watching the gameplay unfold.

Altogether, Twitch Plays Pokemon attracted over nine million viewers, and had over 36 million total views. More than one billion minutes of the game, in total, were watched by people around the world.

The social gaming experiment known as Twitch Plays Pokemon has now reached its end; but, never fear, another game, as yet to be named, will commence on on Sunday morning. When the countdown ticker reaches zero, it’s expected that another online game, possibly the next one in the Pokemon series, will be available to be played online. It is likely to also prove to be very popular, but Twitch Plays Pokemon will always be fondly remembered as the game that started it all.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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