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Twitter Closes Down Naughty Underage Teen Account

Twitter Closes Down Naughty Underage Teen Account
While the world reacted in outrage at the Turkish government shutting Twitter down, the website closed down a naughty underage teen account in the U.S. The account, @LIPartyStories, infuriated and shocked parents as the youth of Long Island posted pictures of themselves partying down. The underage kids were seen drinking, drunk, “touching each other intimately” and seminaked.

One young girl is caught in the middle of peeing in a kitchen sink, underwear around her ankles and tiara on her head. Adults in Long Island have reacted angrily to the sight of their children doing what kids have done since time out of mind, experiment with things that they know are against the rules. Of course the real problem is that they have posted their misbehaviour on the Internet.

What is amazing about the whole sordid story is the amount of press sites who are castigating the parents of children who would have done all this underage experimentation even without Twitter being the unwilling witness. It is not clear just why people are so shocked by the wanton alcohol abuse and sexual hijinks of the participants. Police, school authorities, nurses, and doctors could all tell each outraged parent, and FOX NEWS reporter, that this has been going on for a long time.

Not the Twitter account, which the social networking site has just closed down, aka suspended, but teens acting naughty whether they be underage or not. With teen pregnancy figures that state 3 in 10 teens will get pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20, this kind of behaviour has been going on in places other than Long Island, New York.

What has everyone pointing fingers and reacting angrily is the fact that the very act of them misbehaving has been shoved in their faces. Pictures of their children doing things that they themselves most probably had done as rebellious teens has cut them deeply. While it is true that not every teenager participates in this sort of drunken pathos, enough were caught in the act that authority figures are up in arms.

Society is now full of the either websites or applications that allow people to share their personal moments on the net. Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, et al, all encourage folks to post their pictures and videos online. Is it really surprising that youngsters want to show their friends what they got up to over the weekend? The common sense answer is no. The knee jerk reaction is just the opposite.

The very fact that Twitter shut down the account shows just how upset everyone is. Will suspending the account stop the kids partying and acting inappropriately? It is very unlikely. The Internet encourages today’s youth to air their dirty laundry. The microblogging website of tweets and twitpics is not the biggest villain around. There are chat rooms aplenty that can claim that title.

There are lists of “unsafe” websites for children and until now, Twitter has not had a place in these ranks of “dangerous” sites. As the world continues to advance in technology that can be accessed in the bedrooms, living rooms and playrooms at home, kids will be susceptible to being targeted by the predator’s of society.

The naughty underage teens who had their Twitter account closed down were not predatory. They were just doing what the rest of the world is doing and posting their life on the Internet. Facebook and Twitter both encourage members to share their experiences on the world wide web and since teens are leaving Facebook in droves for Twitter it is not surprising that they would post their antics on their adopted site. It will just be a matter of time before another version of @LIPartyStories comes to light and when it does, parents and authorities will react angrily again.

By Michael Smith



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