Twitter Indispensable to Moms and Core Users

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Twitter is notoriously associated with users that are obsessed with personalities like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Hillary Clinton. It is not associated with middle class moms who work full-time while simultaneously raising a family. These moms and other non-core users prefer other social media outlets that evolved nearly a decade ago. Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo wants Twitter to be indispensable to everyone: moms and core users alike.

Global Information

Aside from the initial quirks that users must get use to when they first create their new user accounts, they immediately has access to a sea of information that spans the globe. Upon Twitters eighth birthday critics cried foul from every corner of that very same globe of information. Some claimed it takes “too many clicks” to view a profile’s actual tweets. Whereas, it only takes one click to view the Twitter account holder’s profile biography. Another complaint is the need to use the #-hashtag and @-symbol to send a direct message not a private message. Sending a direct message in a tweet requires the @-symbol before the username. It takes a few more clicks to arrive at the send private message option.

That’s where Costolo’s new plan comes in, to have a better and easier experience using Twitter. He wants to usher forward Twitter’s content by pushing the scaffolding of the software language to the background. Increasing high-quality interactions.  “[W]e can increase high-quality interactions and make it more likely that new or casual users will find this service as indispensable as our existing core users do.” Costolo said.

Global Revolution

Twitter revolutionized the medium journalist turn to for breaking news. It also gave an accurate picture of live events and first person accounts during the Arab Spring from Mauritania to Oman. Most recently providing the world with solid coverage of the Venezuelan and Ukrainian conflicts. Journalists on the ground in Ukraine have hailed the social media platform to be crucial in providing breaking news to the press. “Social Medias played crucial role in the [Ukrainian] revolution” said Myroslava Petsa a journalist for Ukraine’s Channel 5 in an interview with Jung & Naiv news.

Petsa went on to say she relied on Facebook and Twitter, but when it came to immediate information she turned to Twitter. “And Twitter, me as a journalist I was getting more information on Twitter than anywhere else. And, I was also tweeting very heavily. So we were exchanging information constantly.” She added that she thought the Ukrainian Revolution really spurred the use of social media among people in their forties and fifties. Other people besides Costolo are taking notice that Twitter is becoming indispensable to core users like journalists and people their mothers’ age.

No Confusion

New users to Twitter may initially be confused with how to manage multiple accounts, if they intend on using the social media application for business and pleasure. In 2011, one social media professional that worked for Chrysler learned this lesson the hard way. He intended on sending a tweet via his personal account expressing his frustration with Detroit’s driving conditions. He was confused with the difference between his Twitter accounts; consequently, he lost his job the very same day.

It is little things like taking too may clicks to access tweets, and having to use the #-hashtag and @-symbol that inspired Costolo’s plan to jettison Twitter’s scaffolding language. Pop culture junkies and journalist already use tweeter as their primary source of information. If Costolo’s plan goes accordingly, Twitter could be indispensable to moms and core users alike.

By Sergio Romero

Business Insider

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