Whitney Houston’s Son-in-Law Nick Gordon Threatening Her Family?

Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston, one of the most celebrated songstress in the world, could be looking down upon her family from heaven and shedding a tear. The news, as of lately, of celebrity feuding family members has been making headlines. From Gai Scott (nephew to rapper Benzino) gunning his own uncle down during Benzino’s mother’s funeral procession to now Nick Gordon, Whitney Houston’s son-in-law, allegedly threatening her family to the point of Pat Houston filing a restraining order.

Nick Gordon was once considered to be like a son to the late great Whitney Houston living with her and daughter Bobbi Christina. Gordon eventually married Bobbi Christina. The family wanted to show the world the love the Houston family has for one another when they taped their own reality show on Lifetime called The Houston’s: On Our Own. The show was cancelled reportedly due to viewers possibly not interested in seeing how the family was surviving on their own without Whitney Houston. As with most reality stars, the real drama is never really captured when the cameras are rolling. And, apparently, there was definitely some turmoil going on within the Houston family.

Pat Houston, Whitney Houston’s sister in-law, alleged that Gordon threatened her safety as well as her family members with hostile comments following up with postings of guns. Gordon’s response to the allegations and the restraining order is he simply doesn’t give a f***. Hopefully Gordon is receiving legal counsel and understands the restraining order to steer clear, at least 200 feet, away from Houston.

What sparked this bad blood within the Houston family is still unknown. Houston, executor of estate for her deceased sister-in-law, drew attention last year to one of her social media postings when she reportedly let her friends know that she was tired and felt like giving up on life. She ended the posting with letting everyone know she loved them. Her Facebook friends called the police immediately to stop what they thought was a woman about to commit suicide. The police discovered it was a misunderstanding when they arrived to Houston’s home as she was heavily medicated on pain pills. Unfortunately, whatever misunderstanding that has taken place with Whitney Houston’s son-in-law allegedly threatening her family is turning quite disturbing and possibly dangerous.

Whitney Houston, known for her powerful, angelic voice on such classic ballads as I Will Always Love You, Run To You, Saving All My Love For You, I Have Nothing, Miracle, Greatest Love Of All, and the list goes on, had beautiful harmony flowing through her vocals and the music. The lyrics expressed strength, yearning and being consumed by love that sent chills up everyone’s spine when the songstress performed.

Houston’s personal life off of the stage, however, was far from a perfect note. It was reported that Houston battled with drugs and alcohol ultimately passing away in a Beverly Hills hotel with traces of cocaine in her system. Millions of fans hoped that she had found peace from whatever was torturing her internally. But clearly, Houston’s alleged family turmoil and darkness continues even in her death with son-in-law Nick Gordon allegedly threatening her family. When anyone dreams of leaving behind a legacy for generations to come to be proud of, family feuds, restraining orders and guns are from it.

Opinion by Meleika Gardner


3 Responses to "Whitney Houston’s Son-in-Law Nick Gordon Threatening Her Family?"

  1. delene sturgis   April 1, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    I hope peace will come. I pray for Whitneys soul as if she were my family so may THIS family find healing

  2. Ona Sims   March 31, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    I believe Nick and little Ms Bobbi is hiding something very important. Whitney’s sis-n- law knows what it is and don’t want to get involved and it’s making Nick angry so that causes threats to flair. The law needs to get involved and find out the real reason why there’s a horrific threat.Nick has no remorse for the family what so ever. Whitney cry a tear from heaven anf anoint him. #BARZ* leave your christain #Barz* remark on KeeKee Armstead facebook page. #BARZ if he hurt them he will to go Jail. #BARZ*

  3. fwjoy   March 31, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    It would have been nice if this young man could have brought peace and healing energy to a family so deep in pain and grief. I hope for everyone’s sake that things get better for them all.

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