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It has been a quest over eight years in the making. Eight years ago, Raymond Cox, an Xbox user going under the username “Stallion86”, set his sights on becoming the first person to reach one million Gamerscore – a cumulative count of all the “achievement points” earned in Xbox game systems. Yesterday at 2:35 EST in the morning, the quest came to a thrilling end, as Cox streamed a live feed to over 10,000 viewers using a Twitch.TV livestream.

Raymond Cox already reached gaming legend when he entered the Guinness Book of World Records for “highest Gamerscore”, but that was back when his score was “only” 540,563 in 2010. He almost doubled that score in the following four years, thanks in part to the support he earned from his parents. Cox said that his father fully supported his quest, going as far as to keep track of his score manually on sheets of legal paper. His father kept track of when he begins gaming, which game, what the score was when he began and what the score was when he ends. This would have helped, should something have happened to Cox’s Xbox Live account.

Cox likely would not have had to worry about such things, as Microsoft also supported Cox throughout his journey. The company invited Cox to the Xbox One release party and tweeted congratulations to Cox’s Twitter account after he broke the one million score mark. Cox also drew attention from gaming companies, who wanted him to use their games to break the record.

“Community managers from 2k wanted me to use a 2k sports game,” said Cox.

Publicity surrounding the event would have given a boost in sales to the struggling gaming company, but in the end, Cox used newly released Xbox One game, Titanfall, to reach one million points. In addition to the Twitch.TV livestream, Cox also tweeted a picture of his profile immediately after reaching the mark along with the remark “YO TWITTER. I DID IT!”

The journey was not one that was planned from the beginning. The idea to hit the million score mark came to Cox after he broke 250,000 Gamerscore, well above the 11,286 score that Microsoft says the average Xbox user has. The race to one million quickly became a two-horse race between Cox and another user, Stephen Rowe, who goes by the Xbox Live handle of “Smrnov”.

“When I hit 250,000, I was like ‘Okay, I’ll hit a million and that will be it’,” said Cox “I’ll end it there.”

Cox lived up to that goal, as he tweeted shortly after breaking the million point mark that he could “finally watch TV and movies again” remarking how a person will sacrifice everything if they want something bad enough. But it is unlikely that Cox will stop gaming on his Xbox One, as the system is relatively new and with the new game, Titanfall, expected to ship over 2.4 million units by the end of March, there is always a reason to continue gaming. This Xbox user may have been the first one to hit one million Gamerscore, but there is one more record he wants to break.

“In addition to the one million Gamerscore, I’m trying to earn the most Gamerscore in one day,” said Cox “I believe it’s 17,000.”

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