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York University, located in Toronto, was the site of a very bizarre and scary incident Thursday evening, March 6. Just before 10:45pm, an alleged gunman strolled through the food court located on the institution’s campus. At least one bullet was deployed, injuring two women. Now, it seems, a man has been arrested as a suspect in connection with the York University chaos.

A warrant was issued to the Toronto Police Department on the suspicion of 6 persons. However, out of the 6, only Kemon Edwards is currently presumed connected to the shooting. The 22-year-old was apprehended on the afternoon of March 13, after cops searched an undisclosed location. Edwards has been charged with possession of firearms, illegal drugs, and failure to cooperate. He is scheduled to appear before a judge Friday morning, March 14.

The police had been following up on eyewitness descriptions, which outlined the suspect as a black male in his twenties. This information, provided by York University cafeteria goers, ultimately led to Edwards being arrested. The alleged gunman was also described as being about six feet tall, donning a hooded sweatshirt and black jacket. The reasoning behind the shooting is still unclear, however, it is believed that both injured women were not intended targets.

The non-life threatening injuries included one woman being shot in the leg and another sustaining shrapnel wounds from the bullet. Coincidentally, both women share the same last name, Malik, yet they are not related. The woman shot directly in the thigh was not initially aware she’d taken a hit: “I heard a loud bang… it was actually the gunshot, I didn’t know [it]… my leg went numb,”

Police received the initial call, regarding the incident, at around 10:45 that evening. They soon rushed to the scene and set up a command post. The school was then placed under lock down, however, restrictions were lifted only a few hours later. A statement from York University followed, saying it had undergone measures to: “… enhance safety on campus, including increasing security patrols and the use of Toronto Police Service.”

The recent incident is sparking new debate over the general safety of students and staff at York University. This is not the first time security of the school has been called into question. Apparently there were a number of sexual assaults and non-sexual attacks that had occurred on the campus back in 2012. However, many are saying the campus has actually done a decent job in increasing security measures by providing safety seminars and increasing security presence. The overall sentiment seems to be that York University is no more or less vulnerable to perpetrators than any other college or university. According to Amanda Glasbeek, an associate socio-legal professor at the university, “All universities can and should do more.”

For now, the students and staff at York University can hold onto some satisfaction that the latest incident has led to an apprehension, possibly of the alleged culprit. York University and the Toronto Police Department acted swiftly and now, Kemon Edwards, arrested suspect in the March 6 shooting awaits trial.

WARNING: the following video contains explicit content.

By Josh Taub

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2 Responses to "York University Suspect Arrested [Video]"

  1. Brad Smith   March 15, 2014 at 6:10 am

    Let us never speak of the color of his skin, even though every shooter in 2013 was black. This would be politically incorrect. Even though very correct this fact must be withheld from reality because the Canadian public are a soft caring bunch whos feelings would get hurt if we called things what they were. Let us all now bury our heads in the sand and repeat the following, ‘we are all equal’, ‘we are all the same’, ‘its the white mans fault’.

    Ah thats better. We can now feel like we all have responsibility in this problem every black culture has globally with guns.

  2. Zardoz Wiz   March 14, 2014 at 10:47 pm

    you will never read that york university is right beside the largest getto in canada. lots of students from other countries find out the hard way. toronto looks so nice in the pictures and news clips but is slowly turning into a third world dump.

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