Adele Is Coming Back This Year

Adele is reportedly preparing for a big comeback to the top of the world charts later this year. The singer impressed crowds and critics with her album, titled 21 and then went off the radar for almost three years. Now she is quietly preparing a big concert, which will accompany her third studio album. According to Sunday Express, the Grammy awarded singer is quite busy planning a concert in London’s famous Royal Albert Hall. Given the fact that Adele did not have a real concert ever since 2011, her fans are very excited about the news that she is coming back.

After the 25-year-old singer released an extremely successful album 21, she suffered from major vocal issues in September 2011 and therefore had to go into surgery. On October 19, 2012, Adele gave birth to a baby boy, Angelo and wanted to take some time to settle into motherhood. She only appeared briefly in 2013, with the Golden Globe and Oscar-winning song Skyfall, which is also the title track from the 23rd James Bond movie. After that, Adele went completely off the radar, but now she made her fans very happy with the news that she is finally coming back this year.

The source told the Sunday Express that Adele’s voice was getting stronger and better over time, because she has been working very hard to rehabilitate it. “A series of shows could be possible in London, Los Angeles and New York, but a fully fledged world tour is still a long way off,” added the source. Since Adele is very settled with her family life and being a mother, a lengthy trip around the world with a little baby on board would change everything. Along with her record label, Adele is taking every precaution required, to make sure that her voice is capable of taking on the task of recording an album and performing live concerts again.

“This is recently the most encouraging, exciting and promising news for Adele’s fans. But she does not want to leave anything to chance. Everything will be exactly as Adele imagined, since she certainly does not want to jeopardize her voice. The doctors warned her that stress can lead to new operations, so she promised herself that she will not allow that to happen,” the source close to Adele said.

Adele started working on her third album in April 2013 and will release it this year. Allegedly, Phil Collins is also on board, since he is involved in writing the songs for her new album. Collins is a former drummer and leader of the Genesis band, but also a successful freelance artist and author, who announced in 2011, that he is withdrawing from the music scene so that he can dedicate to his family. “Adele’s proposal for collaboration came very unexpectedly. She called me, because she wanted us to write something together. I love her voice and I like some of the songs she wrote. So I decided to start working with her,” Phil said on Inside South Florida Show.

There is no doubt that Adele’s fans all over the world are excited to hear about her comeback this year. After being away for such a long time, the Rolling in the Deep singer will finally release a new album. And according to the success of the last one, there is no doubt that Adele will hit the tops of the charts again.

By Janette Verdnik

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  1. Michelle Betty   October 26, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    Big huge dan of adele over here!!! Soooo excited for her return! Cant wait for her to give a world tour and come to brasil!! Love and admire her voice!

  2. Janet   May 24, 2014 at 11:13 am

    Oh I can’t Huge Fan hope to she comes to South Fl.. She is an Awsome singer song writer who has touched so many with her songs

  3. someonelikeyou   April 23, 2014 at 2:23 am

    Go ADELE! We, the charts, the GRAMMYs, Billboard, Brits and many others are waiting for you!!!

  4. halesdown   April 23, 2014 at 2:21 am



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