Al Sharpton was Allegedly a Paid FBI Mafia Informant

Al SharptonAl Sharpton, according to a recent report by TSG (The Smoking Gun), was a one time FBI-informant who spewed mountains of actionable intelligence regarding the mob to federal investigators and law enforcement. A TSG report has cited numerous documents obtained in conjunction with Freedom of Information Act requests as being proof that the Rev. Al Sharpton used to run in some very unsavory circles.

Sharpton has denied some of the implications drawn by the TSG report, alleging that the general gist of the information was already somewhat public knowledge, and attempting to defend his role with the FBI. The Reverend has taken the route of downplaying the report and its conclusions, but TSG has cited quite a bit of documentation side-by-side with their report, making the issue somewhat difficult to simply sweep away. Al Sharpton, a now high-profile public figure who fashions himself a civil rights activists and leader in promoting social equality, has been busy answering questions regarding the TSG report.

The report details some of the stickiest parts of Al Sharpton’s relationship with federal agents. A relationship in which the Reverend’s connections throughout the music industry, boxing world, and organized crime were exploited in an effort to make high-profile arrests and convictions. According to interviews done by TSG, by the time he was in his 20’s Sharpton had a list of contacts that many groups of law enforcements were attempting to mine. Sharpton, though never accused in the report of being a sworn member of any mafia organization, was working closely with individuals in mob business, the entertainment industry, and was close enough to Don King that he was allegedly used as a part of that investigation as well.

Al Sharpton at first completely denied playing any role whatsoever as an FBI informant, alleging that any connection he had was voluntary and for the public good. The picture painted by Al Sharpton implies that he was never flipped by federal agents and turned into an informant. Sharpton’s version is that he was more of a concerned citizen, worried about the drug epidemic in black neighborhoods, and that he reached out to law enforcement in an effort to stem the drug-related decay of the neighborhoods. As for his connections to the mob, Al Sharpton’s version of that angle is that he was threatened by the mafia as a result of a music business dispute, and that threats related to the dispute were what prompted him to reach out to law enforcement regarding the mafia.

The TSG investigation and report however paints a much different picture of the goings on regarding the Reverend’s connections to the FBI and the mafia. The report, drawing on video and picture evidence, implies that Sharpton, thinking he was busted for conspiracy to distribute cocaine, flipped and became an FBI informant.

The report is considered important due to the content and angle it presents on the high-profile leader’s past. Now heading up his National Action Network (NAN), which receives and will receive visits from some of the nation’s highest leaders, Sharpton is having to hash out an angle on his past that has not received much scrutiny to date. As part of his comeback into the public spotlight, some of his less than honorable past has been discussed and addressed, however little to no mention has been made about his connections to organized crime or his role as an FBI informant. The report does not accuse the Reverend of ever having been a member of organized crime himself, but does highlight uncomfortable detail after uncomfortable detail about Al Sharpton, the FBI, and the mafia.

As the reports points out, in amazingly detailed fashion, that Al Sharpton was allegedly a paid FBI mafia informant whose information served key to a number of high-profile federal wiretap cases. Although the well known public activist denies the allegations and angle portrayed by TSG, the documentation supplied in conjunction with the TSG report may be tougher to simply write off. Only time will tell just how the TSG revelations regarding the Rev Al Sharpton will or will not affect the activists career or credibility. For now, one must read the report and decide for oneself just what to believe about the Reverend’s past.

By Daniel Worku

NY Daily

Cherokee Tribune

NY Daily News


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