Amy Purdy Rushed to Hospital on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Amy PurdyAmy Purdy has been rushed to hospital after suffering an accident on Dancing With the Stars. The Paralympian snowboarder explained that she felt shoulder pains during her rumba, but continued the dance as normal. It was only afterwards that she turned and felt her back seize.

It was a frightening experience for the double amputee dancer. She shared the fear of not being able to breathe during a backstage interview with Erin Andrews. The injury meant that she had to miss out on the team dance, which she was extremely disappointed about happening. The dance was something the group had fun putting together, and she was looking forward to it. In the end, footage filmed from the dress rehearsals had to be used so that the Paralympic athlete could be scored for the dance, in case she does continue with the show.

There is currently no update on whether she will continue to compete in the reality show. There are many backing the athlete and she is one of the favorites to win. It will be a shame to see her go out because of an injury rather than being voted out if or whenever that may be. Nobody can share an update because doctors are not sure whether she will be able to compete or not.

She has kept fans up to date about her condition since leaving the show. The star regularly shares Twitter update to thank her fans for support and share the good and bad news. It sounds like the back seizure was muscular, which could be good news depending on the severity of the damage. If minor, she could be back enough to dance next week. Many hope that Purdy being rushed to hospital on Dancing With the Stars does not mean she will be out of the Monday night show.

This is certainly not the first time a celebrity has been injured on the show, and it will most likely not be the last. Just recently this season Danica McKellar suffered a broken rib during rehearsals.

However, there have also been injures happen on the live shows, leading to trips to the hospital. In season six, Cristián de la Fuente went to the hospital after rupturing a tendon in his bicep. Eight seasons later, Melissa Gilbert had to be rushed to the hospital due to dizziness after hitting her head on the floor during her paso doble performance.

There has already been one contestant drop out due to injury. Billy Dee Williams suffered a back injury and decided to end his time in the competition. There was a chance that McKellar would drop out due to her rib injury, but she competed on Monday night and did not disappoint. It will certainly be a shame if Purdy has to drop out due to this injury.

The Paralympics athlete is an inspiration to many around the world. She has shown that being a double amputee does not stop anyone from doing something they love and taking part in competitions. She previously took part in 2012’s The Amazing Race, and is using Dancing With the Stars to be a positive role model for the young and old. However Purdy may have to give in after being rushed to hospital while competing on Dancing With the Stars.

By Alexandria Ingham


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