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Archie Comics

In July, Archie Comics is killing off Archie Andrews, the beloved comic book character. Archie is not the first comic book character to die and will probably is not the last one to die.

Superman, a beloved character like Andrews from Archie Comics, actually died in the early 1990s. Doomsday, a creature created through genetics to destroy worlds, beat Superman to death. Fortunately, Kryptonian robots at Superman’s Fortress of Solitude heard about his death and took his body from his grave site. They resurrected him and Superman got his revenge on Doomsday for killing him.

In the 2000s, Batman seemed to have died when Darkseid, the Darth Vader of the DC universe, appeared to have met the Grim Reaper after Darkseid hit him with one of his powerful omnibeams. The beam actually sent him on a time-traveling journey that eventually led him back to the present.

Green Lantern and the Flash, comic characters like Archie from Archie Comics, also faced death temporarily. After being possessed by an evil entity, Green Lantern redeemed himself by sacrificing himself to stop an evil being from eating the Sun. The Flash tried to stop the DC universe from being destroyed by sacrificing himself. Their sacrifices were not in vain and were able to come back from the dead.

Marvel, the publisher of Spider-Man and X-Men, ┬áhave not been any different from bringing their characters back from the dead. ┬áMarvel characters so often come back from the dead that a person would think that it is not a stairway to Heaven. It’s a revolving door.

The most popular X-Men characters have all returned from the dead. Jean Grey, a X-Men character,was taken over by an entity called the Phoenix. As the Phoenix, she destroyed a solar system. An alien race called the Kree put her on trial. Their version of a trial was a trial by combat on the Moon and has the alien’s champions fight her and her champions. She chose to kill herself during the combat. The Phoenix rescued her and put her in a coma-like state. The Fantastic Four discovered her in the Atlantic Ocean.

As a team, the X-Men went through something called the Siege Perilous as a way to rescue the universe. It was assumed that they died after going through this portal. The X-Mean did come back and all had the additional ability to not be identified by modern sensors. A person could only see the them with their naked eye.

The Grim Reaper visited Spider-Man as well. Doctor Octopus, a super villain, took over the mind of Spider-Man. The soul of Spider-Man appeared to have disappeared. After being overwhelmed by forces that he had unleashed, Doctor Octopus let the mind of Spider-Man come back since the actual Spider-Man can deal with the forces better.

Archie Comics will not say how or why Archie will perish. They do say that the death will be “heroic.” The comic book publication does promise that their character will come back.

The character will die in Life with Archie #36. Archie will be alive and well in other publications at Archie Comics.

Archie Comics will kill their most beloved character, but it does not that it is really the end of Archie Andrews. Other comic book publications show that comic book dead is a temporary state of being.

By Tom Clark

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