Dwayne Wade is Factor for Future of Miami Heat

 Dwayne Wade

The Miami Heat fanbase has always supported their superstar Dwayne Wade. Ever since the Marquette basketball star was drafted by the Heat organization in 2003, he has been the face of the franchise and the heart of the city. Even with sloppy playoff performances and an inconsistent health status, the city of Miami continues to show support and love to their homegrown player. That is especially the case when it comes the front office. With rumors are running rampant with Lebron James’ future, the current focus for the Miami Heat seems to factor on not the decision of Lebron, but it is on the decision of Dwayne Wade and whether he will even continue his career after this season and for the future.

Miami is not only received championships from the Marquette all star, but also love and time with all the charity works and foundations that Wade both funds and takes an active roll in giving back to the community. While the all-star has frequently visited children in the local hospitals, usually without attention to the media to avoid national spotlight, the Illinois native has not forgotten his home. In 2009, Wade’s hometown of Robbins’ public library was nearly forced to shut down due to lack of funding and poor conditions. A check was written to the library for $25,000 by the Heat guard to reconstruct the library. This was not the first of Wade’s generosity, along with former Miami Heat teammate Alonzo Mourning, the two together founded  ‘The Athletes Relief Fund for Haiti’ for the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The collective efforts of the players were able to collect over $800,000 for the relief fund.

Wade has had chronic knee issues since removing his meniscus, an important cushion tissue between the femur and tibia, from his left knee following his sophomore season in college. The health of his knee began to deteriorate during the course of his career. While the future of his health remains a factor for Wade and whether he will be returning to the Miami Heat, it is safe to assume that he will give it his all for this playoff run.

With the help of Shaquille O’Neil, the Heat were able to capture their first NBA title in 2006. That would not be the only accomplishment for Dwayne Wade. Since 2003, the Miami guard has been elected to 10 NBA all-star game appearances as well as 11 All-NBA teams. As Lebron James and Chris Bosh joined the Heat in 2010, the big 3 were able to capture back to back NBA championships and are favored to win a third.

While Wade has missed over a third of the season with what is stated as hamstrings issues, his presence and leadership alone can hype the team enough to get that close win in some games. The playoffs will present a different challenge in which the Heat will need Dwayne Wade healthy for a chance to threepeat. While Lebron James and Chris Bosh are a power house together, the Miami Heat will have a very difficult time trying to recapture a highly precedented third title for the trio and a fourth title for the organization. Everyone in the Miami Heat from Mario Chalmers to Greg Oden is going to have to be a factor in the games to win it all, but without Dwayne Wade it might not be a possibility.

Commentary by Hector Carrion

Chicago Tribune
Miami Herald

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  1. Marc deFontnouvelle   June 20, 2014 at 11:34 am

    You misspelled his name… it’s Dwyane Wade! (you flipped the y and a). Don’t believe me? Google it…


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