Ariana Grande ‘Problem’ Tops Charts First Day on iTunes [VIDEO]

Ariana Grande 'Problem' Tops Charts First Day on iTunes

Ariana Grande has done it again and released yet another hit single. The pint size pop star has wowed fans with another new and catchy song as her new tune, Problem, topped the charts on only its first day released on iTunes.

The song debuted on iTunes early on Monday morning, April 28, and by late Monday morning, it was already on the top of the charts. That is not all, though: Problem is now already the number one hit in 22 countries around the world.

It is easy to see why many fans would be enamored of the melodic tune and the relatable lyrics of the song, and why Problem has topped the charts on just its first day on iTunes. The story is an old and classic one; it is one we have all heard before, but still one that never gets old. Grande sings about her problem: someone who is no good for her. She fell in love fast and now has her head in the clouds. She thinks that she should be wiser about it and realize that she has one less problem without that person in her life. This love has made her lose touch with everything important around her.

Listeners can easily get caught up in Grande’s high-pitched, inspiring music and her beautiful notes. The sax in the background of the song adds a nice touch as well, a jazzy element that is not often heard in pop and R&B music. Just just when fans are getting lost in Grande’s beautiful voice in Problem, however, enter rapper Iggy Azalea, who throws down a couple of verses about being better off without the person in question, forgetting all about them, and moving on because life would be easier without them. Too bad things are not usually that simple, especially in pop music

Grande, 20, has had major success in the past year or so, making it her biggest year ever. From playing a bright red-headed sidekick on the show Victorious on Nickelodeon from 2010 to 2013, she has now risen to mega super-star fame with her music. In early 2013, Grande captured the attention of music-loving audiences with her first hit, The Way, from her debut studio album, Yours Truly. The Way immediately became a success on the Billboard Hot 100 top ten list. Additionally, Yours Truly which was placed at number one on the Billboard 200, also received critical acclaim. The album went to number one in over 30 countries in the iTunes store charts. With her high-pitched set of pipes and unique voice, the young star set herself apart from others in the music industry, and became a hit success. Grande has a four octave soprano vocal range, which is impressive for any singer.

The audio for the number one chart topping single on iTunes is right below. Listen to “Problem’ here:

Following her success with The Way, Grande also had other successful hits off her first album, Yours Truly including Baby I, The Way (featuring Big Sean), and Almost is Never Enough (featuring Nathan Sykes of “The Wanted’). Problem, topping charts its first day released on iTunes, is the first hit off of her second studio album, which she confirmed had been completed on March 24, 2014. There is no word yet on when that album will be released or what it will be called.

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