Rita Ora in Trouble for Wearing Wrong Running Shoes

Rita OraRita Ora found herself in trouble for wearing the wrong running shoes. The RIP singer was under contract with Superga as its ambassador to only wear its branded shoes in anything and everything she did. However, she was spotted wearing the Converse brand while at Mahiki nightclub.

Once the brand found out her decision to breach the contract, owners GL Dameck decided to withhold the final payment of her £180,000 ($303,000) fee. She lost out on £100,000 ($168,000) for the decision, but argued that she was still owed that despite not sticking to her end of the deal. The dispute led to a legal case, which has since been settled out of court. There has not been a decision shared with the public, but the two have gone their separate ways.

The news to take over as ambassador for Superga was announced in November 2012, which she took from Alexa Chung. The first time she was spotted in marketing wearing the brand was in March 2013, and within a month of that she had decided to breach the contract. Before this, she had become an ambassador for the UK discounted shopping websites Asos.

Signs that the contract was well and truly over with Superga were there back in September 2013, when she was spotted wearing Adidas running shoes. This was also a sign of her up and coming collaboration with the same company. While Ora was in trouble for wearing the wrong running shoes, it did not stop other big names requesting that the singer become their spokesperson.

Requesting that a star only wears its own brand is not something out of the ordinary for ambassadors. It is a sign that the celebrity truly endorses the brand. Wearing another brand can give mixed signals, while also promotes a rival company, which no business wants their ambassadors to do.

However, with the legal case looming over not wearing the right brand and Ora not showing any sign of being sorry, it does lead to the question to why another brand would want her as an ambassador. It seems to be a case of being in the right place at the right time for the RIP singer. She was talking to the Adidas designer, Jeremy Scott, and mentioned that she wanted to get into fashion design. The conversation sparked his interest, and he wanted her modelling his designs.

As for Superga, hopefully the brand will have better look with its newest ambassador. In January 2014, it announced that Suki Waterhouse would take over the position. She will appearing in the marketing for the 2014 Spring/Summer collection.

The outcome of the lawsuit has not been made public. Many have questioned just why a celebrity would get paid so much for endorsing a pair of running shoes, but the real question should be whether she was allowed to get away with breaching her contract. She knew that she was doing the wrong thing and going against her contract terms. Ora knew she would get in trouble for wearing the wrong running shoes.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham