Teenage Boy Made Flight to Hawaii as Stowaway After Argument With Family

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A 16-year-old boy from San Jose, California boarded a flight as a stowaway to Honolulu, Hawaii and miraculously survived the ordeal without any injuries. Officials say that it is amazing the teenage boy survived the flight because the altitudes are so high and temperatures at 38,000 feet are harsh. In these conditions it is also difficult to get oxygen. The young boy told officials when he got to Hawaii that he did not remember the flight and had boarded the plane after an argument with family members. He hopped a fence to get on the plane, but officials will not press charges. The boy has been released into child services custody. Experts and officials were surprised the boy survived under such conditions. They were also surprised that no one on the airfield discovered the boy and alerted security. It was only after the flight when the plane landed that airport personnel noticed the boy on the ramp and alerted security. Usually airport security is high, but this time no one noticed the boy until he had made the flight to Hawaii.

According to experts, they say the ordeal is a major anomaly due to the fact that the boy survived; most stowaways don’t survive because of insufficient oxygen. According to an expert on the subject it is a first in medical science and a first in terms of bodily science. In addition to this, ABC News reported that to survive such conditions, a person’s body has to be in a sleep state as the heart beats slowly at only a few times per minute.

Flight 24 to Oakland, California was delayed in Hawaii after the incident occurred. Passengers said the delay was supposed to be only 15 minutes but ended up being about three hours. The young boy was released to child protective services after the incident. A medical exam was given to the boy and he showed no signs of trauma and had no need for any medical emergencies. He seemed to be in good health, which was a miracle according to statistics. Others who have tried to make flights as stowaways have died, including a man who fell onto a street in London after the flight started descending. One person was found dead in a plane’s landing gear as it landed in Heathrow from a flight coming from South Africa. A 20-year-old Romanian man survived severe temperatures for about 100 minutes during a flight from Vienna. He only survived because the plane stayed at low altitudes of about 25,000 feet.

The aircraft this teenage boy boarded was a 767-300 aircraft. Officials were more amazed at the fact the boy survived than the fact he boarded the plane as a stowaway in the first. The odds are not really in favor of a person surviving those altitudes one official said. The altitudes at that level are far above the altitudes of Mt. Everest. Temperatures may reach 40 degrees below zero where a lot of people would only be conscious for a few minutes, yet he is believed to have been conscious for most of the flight. According to officials the boy hopped a fence to board the flight. He was not charged with a crime.

By Anah Ayala

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