Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Gets Married

Nick CarterBackstreet boy Nick Carter got married this weekend to his long-term girlfriend Lauren Kitt. It was an event that many people never thought, and even band mate A.J. McLean wondered about it.

Friends and family of the youngest Backstreet Boy member gathered in the outdoor ceremony on April 12. McLean even shared his congratulations the night before as he was getting ready for the rehearsal dinner, acknowledging that he was really glad it was happening.

Carter and his family have had a difficult few years. His younger sister, Leslie, died after a suspected overdose from prescription medication. The 34-year-old started to abuse drugs and alcohol as a way to cope. It was only when he found out he had Cardiomyopathy that he decided it was time for a lifestyle change. It was all possible because of the support from his band mates; in particular Kevin Richardson.

In February 2013, he finally popped the question to Kitt while they were on holiday in the Florida Keys. He hinted at the question and answer by sharing a photo on Instagram with the simple caption “Big question…great answer.”

While everyone gathered around to see the youngest Backstreet Boy member get married, there was one important person miles away. The youngest of his siblings, Aaron, was stuck at an airport in Washington D.C. because his plane had been delayed. He tweeted his apology for missing Backstreet Boy Carter getting married and sincerely hoped that he understood.

There was nothing that the 26-year-old could do. The US Airlines plane suffered mechanical problems, which prevented it from taking off. The solo artist knows deep down there was nothing that could be done, but it did not stop him using Instagram to vent his frustration as he was stuck in the passenger lounge at the airport.

The question is why the singer left it so late to get to his brother’s wedding. According to his manager, Steve Honig, Carter was never going to make it to his big brother’s wedding. However, he wanted to make it to the reception. The younger member of the family already had contractual obligations to attend Washington D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Parade. This obligation was agreed upon before anybody knew the exact date of the wedding.

Some fans want to know why the 34-year-old would choose to have his wedding knowing that his brother would struggle to make it. However, this was the best date to fit in with the current Backstreet Boys In a World Like This tour, which the band is currently in the middle of.

The wedding is a happy surprise for many. Carter had previous insisted that he would never get married, partially due to his parents’ divorce. He has had a string of high-profile girlfriends, but has finally found someone he wants to share the rest of his life with. Kitt has also been an excellent influence on him and helped him keep his partying to a minimum. McLean could not help but show his happiness that Carter has found love and finally gotten married.

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