Brian Williams Raps Gin and Juice [Video]

Brian WilliamsJimmy Fallon has done it again, another hilarious video, this one is of Brian Williams rapping the hit hip hop song by Snoop Dog, Rappers Delight. Fallon usually takes center stage during these song parodies and he seems to have mastered mixing it up with today’s pop stars. The usually stade NBC Nightly News anchor and managing editor, Williams, is shown with many clips pasted together to get this enjoyable rendition of the popular hit. Snoop Dog himself has taken to Twitter to voice his love of this video. He was tweeting on Tuesday that he loves it, at the news anchor, and ‘my guy‘ at Jimmy Fallon. This is the fourth time Fallon has taken liberty with the news anchors monologue, and mixing it up into a trendy video. When the NBC anchor was on The Tonight Show, their interchange about this latest video is as amusing as the video (below) itself. The interview is in two parts and part one of their amusing banter is also posted below.

Williams shows a completely different side of himself, one the nightly news fans have never seen. The ever professional anchor has Jimmy in stitches as he jokingly berates him for making the video, stating that he has never said the word Hippity, in his life so the whole clip is bogus! The second video below shows part of their hysterical back and forth on the making of the clip. The video has over eight million views on YouTube, since it aired on Monday.

The 54-year-old Williams has a resume that reads like a nightly news line up, including his managing editor position for NBC Nightly News that he has held since 2004, and has been with since the 70’s. He also had his own show titled, Rock Center with Brian Williams ran from 2011 through 2013, and don’t forget Dateline which he has been involved with since 1996. He is the youngest of four siblings so he is probably well used to being picked on, which is what he tells Fallon, along with “I will get you back for this”. Fans will surely be waiting for round two of this duo. This light-hearted parody along with the others before it, has in no way taken away from the serious nature of his everyday business. His fans have taken it for what it was intended to be, entertainment. When a person is in the news business, entertainment is a factor, but it is all about the facts. Williams is one of the leaders in the news industry and there are many that emulate him and many who would give anything to be mentored by him. As he states in his interview with Fallon, it is his show that pays for Fallon’s ‘hobby’, and he also asks Jimmy if he loves America. Of course he says yes, and is promised a pin from news host upon his next appearance on the show.

Brian Williams addresses his rap video, Gin and Juice (Rappers Delight). In part two they discuss what his street name should be, and ‘Honey Bri Bri’ and ‘Bri Wy the Science guy is thrown around among others. Part one is shown below.

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