Steven Spielberg to Pen Script for New ‘Goonies’ Sequel

gooniesWhen director Richard Donner spilled the beans about a possible Goonies sequel a few weeks ago, every kid who grew up in the 1980s let out a celebratory, “hey you guys,” much to the chagrin of their office co-workers. Once the nostalgia wore off a bit, many fans of the cult classic started to feel anxious, as promises of a sequel have been on-again, off-again, for years. Would their dreams of a new adventure starring Mikey, Brand, Data, and Chunk finally be realized, or would the project fall apart leaving a pit of bitter disappointment in the hearts of fans worldwide? Thanks to new information from Donner, it appears the new Goonies sequel is going to happen, and the script is going to feature a new story penned by legendary filmmaker, Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg wrote the story for the original film and also served as a producer and second unit director on the project. In a recent interview, Donner stated that he and Spielberg have been trying to come up with a solid storyline for a Goonies sequel for a long time, but things just did not seem to click. That apparently does not seem to be the case now, as the film’s director gushed that the new story idea developed by Spielberg is right on.

With a new script possibly being penned by Steven Spielberg, and the original director on board for the project, many fans are wondering which members of the original Goonies cast will make an appearance in the sequel. When Donner was asked about whether cast members like Martha Plimpton or Sean Astin had expressed any interested in wanting to be involved in the project, he replied that if the actors had any sense, they would sign on to be in the film.

The chances are high that at least part of the cast, such as Astin or Corey Feldman, will be involved with the film, as this movie is largely responsible for the success they have experienced in their acting careers. Fans should be relieved that, at least for the moment, the Hollywood powers-that-be are not trying to reboot the original to make it “hip” for a new generation of viewers, but are instead, trying to create a project that connects with the viewers who grew up spending hours of their childhood watching the original film over and over.

Goonies really resonated with children because it was a simple adventure story featuring crazy villains, pirates, and buried treasure. What kid has not fantasized about following a map through dangerous booby traps that ultimately leads to a pirate ship full of gold? The wit, humor, and fantastic acting by the cast made the characters easy to connect with, which endeared them to audiences at the time. If the cast comes back for the sequel, with Steven Spielberg crafting the story and Richard Donner directing, the new Goonies will likely please fans of the original, and remind them what it was like to be a kid thirsting for adventure.

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  1. sakara   April 22, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    seeing how sellburg is a notorious plagerist, odds are somebody else is ghostwriting the script, with sellburg ONLY putting his name on it.


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