Bryan Singer Scandal Will Have Little Impact on New ‘X-Men’ Film

singerWith all of the press surrounding director Bryan Singer and his alleged sexual abuse scandal, many fans of his work are curious about how the lawsuit might impact his newest X-Men film due out in May. Singer was accused earlier this week by Michael Egan, who says the filmmaker sexually abused him back in 1999. Egan was a teenager at the time and alleges that much of the abuse took place during parties at a mansion.

Singer, 48,  has denied all of the allegations and has stated that he plans to countersue Egan. His legal team is currently putting together a defense strategy using credit card bills and receipts that supposedly prove that the Usual Suspects director was not in Hawaii at the time the abuse allegedly occurred.

While things in Bryan Singer’s personal life are in total chaos, Hollywood insiders say the that the scandal will have little impact on the new X-Men film that is set to be released next month. These experts claim that the target audience for a film like X-Men: Days of Future Past is not the kind of crowd that tends to associate a director with the film they are viewing. Some are saying that since the scandal is involving a director, instead of an actor who is starring in the project, it is unlikely that moviegoers will know or even care about the identity of the director or his personal woes. Basically, since Singer’s face is not on the big screen, most people will probably still go see the movie despite the sex abuse allegations.

The scandal may not have a negative impact on the profits the film rakes in, but if Fox, the studio that produced the project, wants to ensure it makes the most out of its marketing dollars, it needs to shift the entire focus of the promotion strategy onto the stars of the movie. Singer has already decided to drop out of promoting the film in the press, attempting to distance himself from the project so as not to harm its profit-making potential.

Singer has cancelled several major appearances, including one at a comic book convention, and the other one being an MPAA conference in the nation’s capital that features Vice President Joe Biden as the main speaker. With the X-Men director stepping out of the public eye, it is a perfect time for the studios working on Singer’s projects to refocus attention on the actors, characters, and stories rather than the man behind the camera.

Comic book fans have been looking forward to this film for quite some time, as the comic version is one of the most beloved story arcs in the X-Men cannon. It is unlikely that the scandal will sway that demographic away from seeing it, and as mentioned before, the majority of the individuals who watch movies will likely be oblivious to the Singer’s legal problems. The fact that this scandal may not have a negative impact on the new X-Men movie is likely to be the best news that Bryan Singer has received all week.

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  1. mccritical   May 6, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    Considering the backlash against Victor Salva, maybe it’s time Fox considered a reboot.

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