Cameron Diaz Not a Fan of Anti-Aging [Video]

Cameron Diaz Not a Fan of Anti-Aging

Cameron Diaz is not a fan of anti-aging campaigns. The hoopla and media frenzy of staying young had Diaz so turned off a few years ago, she went on to do her own studies and has since written a book. In a recent interview with Oprah, the women discussed aging gracefully and accepting each year as it comes. No one can defy the aging process, as Diaz has embraced healthy living and is against anti-aging tactics.

Diaz is enjoying the journey and honoring each year of life’s experiences. She is one rare celebrity to admit wrinkles and thinning hair is just a part of life. She believes youth can not be compacted into a quick fix-all with anti-aging products, Botox or plastic surgery. She is a prime example of taking good care of oneself and has become a role model for anyone who ages.

Growing older with grace, knowing one’s own body, eating right and exercising have played key roles in the actress’s life. The now 41 year old Diaz is first to admit her past misjudgments when it came to junk food. She used to enjoy cheeseburgers, fries, sodas and bean burritos almost daily in her younger life. Even staying slim and trim, she felt sick in her own body. She ached and had severe acne, not easily detected when wearing stage make-up and flashing her gorgeous smile.

Cameron Diaz Not a Fan of Anti-AgingOver the years, Diaz has come to realize the power of taking care of herself, as she balks at fake, temporary beauty treatments and surgical procedures. She has done her own research and has studied with professionals in developing a plan for life, for herself and others. Her new book, The Body Book, is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, promoting overall good health and upkeep for the aging body.

The simple way of looking and feeling your best is detailed in Diaz’s book and her testimony in her own life. Rising to fame after years of modeling, Diaz has explored what works best as the aging process occurs and has embraced a routine that works well for her. Still looking great in her early forties, Diaz was not shy in her new movie Sex Tape.

The movie, due in theatres by the end of July 2014, shows Diaz running around the house with her co-star Jason Segal, as her husband. The married couple comes up with a way to spice up their love life and video-tapes it for fun. After giving I-pods to many friends and family members for Christmas, the secret video is no longer a secret. The hilarious movie, rated R, is no surprise, as Diaz is quite confident with her forty-something body.

With many credits to her name both professionally and personally, Diaz has topped the charts for over 20 years with her suave nature, gleaming smile and bright blue eyes. Starring in such films as The Mask, Something About Mary, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Shrek (as Princess Fiona), Charlie’s Angels and many others, Diaz has captured the eyes of the public with her talent and quick wit.

The still single star has had her share of romances over the years. From Matt Dillon, Justin Timberlake and Alex Rodriguez, Diaz continues on her own path of excellence easily alone. She looks good because she aging treatments than come in a box, jar or surgery, but her natural glow has spoken for itself. Using meditation and relaxation techniques, the star knows her own body as she continues to glow inside and out.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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