Captain America, When Did America First Fall In Love With Him?

Captain AmericaCaptain America started out in comic books back in 1941 and captivated American children, but when did this translate to the adults falling in love with him too? Simply put back in the day, when comics were more common place than television, children and adults alike found themselves fascinated with such fictional hero’s as Superman, Spider Man and Captain America. Marvel comics website has an impressive array of newer and vintage comics of these superhero’s and its nice to know that the written and illustrated pages still draw readers in this modern day of technology.

The comic book chronicled the mild mannered and slight in stature Steve Rogers when he couldn’t join the Military during the World War II era, so he volunteered Captain Americainstead, to use an experimental drug which turned him into a ultra soldier, and ultimately Captain America. Doctor Abraham Erskine needed suitable subjects for his experimental and highly secret program to create a new breed of soldiers able to withstand and conquer the enemy, aptly named, ‘ Project Rebirth’ . The comic’s made this super hero so athletic that he would have won the gold at modern day Olympic events, and most notably he was a master of martial arts, and also a world class marksman. His most visual of his superhuman traits was his steel alloy red, white and blue shield, which became his trademark from day one.

Still, Hollywood can create much controversy about America’s super hero comic book favorites by switching up the lead for each movie. Batman was one such confusing role, as it changed hands just about each time a movie came out, and this leads to discussions about who played the role the best, and leaves fans wondering why their favorite wasn’t kept in the star role. So far the red, white and blue Avenger has stayed consistent in the movie genre and the fans are loving it.

This wildly popular comic book series has translated seamlessly onto the big screen, amassing a fan base as large, if not larger than the comic books themselves. Young and old alike have been taking to the theaters to see Captain America fight evil and it is no wonder that America has fallen in love with him all over again. As wildly popular as the movies are, it is the written word, and the drawn images that have truly made this hero epic enough to garner not one but two movies about him. It is not easy to take a comic book figure and turn him into a 3 dimensional reality, especially if you first took to this superhero in comic book form. As in Superman and Spider Man, Hollywood has once again done their magic and created a believable super human for the modern world. Once look at the box office numbers is enough to tell you that, and who doesn’t need a hero now a days? Falling in love with Captain America happened way back in a post war ravaged world where American’s truly needed a hero to believe in, and according to the box office numbers, the world still does.

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  1. sakara   April 6, 2014 at 6:13 am

    back during ww2 days ONLY kids read comic books—-now days its mostly redneck, never have read a comic book, young adults who go to comic book movies….to see lots of killings and explosions; doesn’t matter who the hero is.


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