Miley Cyrus Rides Weiner – Bangerz Tour

Miley CyrusAmid grief for her lost pet, Miley knows that the show must go on! Perez Hilton posted so many times last night during the Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour, you would of thought he was a part of it himself, and one of his video’s was of her riding a giant wiener through the air. That is right a giant Hot Dog!

Other than that, this concert brought out everything anyone would have expected at one of her concerts. Exploitation of little people, a lot of twerking and tongue wagging, and not a lot of clothing. She has taken every single prop, costume and extreme behavior that has become her trademark since the Video Music Awards (VMA)  and crammed it into less than 2 hours. The exception being the giant hot dog that she rode high above the audience, a girl has to have some fun with new props too! One thing is for sure, Miley Cyrus knows how to have fun.

Miley CyrusIn “FU,”  a  kaleidoscope of colors and  mushrooms filled the screens . In “My Darlin’,”  she gave a nod to her multiple references to drugs in her songs by showing a joint burning, and while singing “Love Money Party,”  she wore a sparkling  unitard that reflected a pot related theme. She let it get sexy with  “GETITRIGHT”  which featured the female anatomy projected in candy.  Hannah Montana is definitely long gone. Although Miley complained about her throat and voice last night, she seemed to sing loud and clear according to her fans. She certainly seems to have Perez Hilton under her spell, as he just couldn’t stop tweeting about the concert last night. He posted pic after pic on instagram from the Miley Cyrus Bangerz tour and logged in an impressive amount of video also, which included her entrance where she actually slides down a tongue coming out of a giant projected image of her mouth, and one of her flying through the air on a wiener.

Where some may call the show campy, or a twisted child’s psychedelic dream, many fan’s felt that there were a lot of iconic moments and believe that vocally she hit it out of the park at last nights show. Quite impressive seeing as her tweets the night before were quite dark and sad due to the loss of her beloved pet. Whether you love her or hate her, loosing anyone, including a pet, brings out that part of being human that just wants to hug her and take away her pain. Some will love Miley no matter what she does, and some will say that she takes things too far, like spitting water into the crowd, which she does on this tour, but no matter how you look at it, she has talent and certainly knows how to keep herself in the news. Riding a wiener during her Bangerz tour is certainly a stunt that will get many tweets and instagram hits and will keep the lovers and the haters of Miley Cyrus talking.

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