Carson for President in 2016

Dr. Carson

Conservative Republicans want Dr. Ben Carson for president in 2016. Frustrated with the losing campaigns of Mitt Romney and John McCain, a political super PAC called, has raised $4 million for Dr. Carson. The PAC has also collected a petition with 200,000 signatures urging him to run. Only one matter remains to be settled. Does Carson want to toss his hat into the ring? So far, he has not committed himself.

John Philip Sousa IV, the great grandson of conductor and composer John Philip Sousa, is the national chairman of Sousa wants the country to take a different direction. He and members of the PAC believe having Carson for president in 2016 would have the energy and appeal that could lead him to the Oval Office.

The super PAC has offered Carson three regional political directors to help organize a campaign. There are volunteers willing to hold signs, pass out flyers, and staff phone banks. The PAC has already started airing cable TV ads. Members intend to send out direct mailings to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. The PAC will soon begin advertising with local markets to boost his name recognition.

Conservative Republicans wanting Dr. Carson for president in 2016 contend that he can motivate Republicans and Reagan Democrats. The overall strategy goes beyond the need for another black president. The goal is to take away Democrat voters and energize Republicans with an articulate candidate willing to tackle tough issues. He refuses to complain about problems facing the country. He offers plausible solutions that appeal to American core values of hard work and common sense.

Dr. Carson believes political correctness has gone too far. People should not be reprimanded for uttering “Merry Christmas” or discussing topics some find offensive. There needs to be an air of tolerance. People need to discuss topics without being called a racist. Agree to disagree. The country was founded on freedom of expression and thought. Political correctness silences free speech. He compared the U.S. to the bald eagle. The only reason the eagle can fly is because it has a left wing and a right wing.

Education needs to be put in the proper perspective. Dr. Carson called an educated man is a liberated man. Shooting a 22 foot jump shot is not as important as solving a quadratic equation. Dr. Carson questioned the 30 percent high school dropout rate. Students in college leave higher education at a 44 percent rate.

He and his wife maintain a scholarship fund where intellectual students receive the same status as those who play sports. The high school even receives an impressive trophy to display for their winning scholars. He supports reading rooms where children receive prizes for the time and the number of books they complete. Given time, students stop caring about the prizes and develop a love of learning.

On the subject of healthcare, Dr. Carson has stated the U.S. spends twice as much per capita than other nations. There needs to be a more efficient way of implementing a program without the bureaucratic overhead. When a person is born issue three items: a birth certificate, an electronic medical record, and a medical savings account that can be inherited.

The former pediatric neurosurgery came from a single family home. Raised in poverty, his mother never made excuses to her children and never accepted one. When people stop accepting excuses, those giving them will find solutions.

Carson has called upon a tiding system to replace the cumbersome tax code. His suggestion is comparable to a flat tax where if someone made a million dollars, pay 10 percent or $100,000. If someone made $10,000, pay $1,000. Offer no deductions where everyone contributes.

Americans have always admired someone rising up from poverty. Dr. Carson recently finished third in a Conservative Political Action poll. He also tied for third in a Northeast Republican Leadership poll. Should he decide to run, conservative Republicans believe Dr. Carson for president in 2016 would be a successful campaign.

By Brian T. Yates


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