Charlotte Catholic High School Will Have ‘Nun’ of That

Charlotte Catholic High School Comments from Dominican Sister Jane Dominic Laurel concerning sexuality have created a backlash among parents and students attending Charlotte Catholic High School in Charlotte, NC, which will have absolutely “nun” of that.

On March 21, Sister Jane Dominic spoke at an assembly before students at Charlotte Catholic High. During her presentation, the sister told her audience that gays and lesbians are not born with the inherent traits destined to make them homosexuals. Such behavior in her opinion was a learned one. She cited an example that children raised in single parent homes have a greater chance of becoming gays and lesbians. The sister further explained her belief that masturbation could lead to homosexuality.

There were no audio or video recordings of Sister Jane Dominic’s remarks, but students attending her assembly informed their parents of what they heard. Some students at Charlotte Catholic High School wanted “nun” of that.

They launched a petition denouncing Sister Jane Dominic’s presentation as offensive. Other students launched a counter-petition that defended the sister’s lecture as being faithful to the traditional and current teaching of Catholicism.

Nearly 1,000 parents participated in a recent meeting with the Aquinas College diocese at Charlotte Catholic High School. Most parents objected to Sister Jane Dominic’s comments about homosexuality and the school’s failure to warn parents about her presentation in advance.

On the Aquinas College website, a statement released by the college president, Sister Mary Sarah, asserted that all men and women, regardless of their state in life, deserve respect. It further stated that the stability of any culture should be measured according to its capacity to maintain its beliefs while respecting the beliefs of others.

In the statement, the president agreed that Sister Jane Dominic overstepped her role during her March 21st address to the students at Charlotte Catholic High. Her personal positions in the area of anthropology and sociology went beyond her expertise level. The students were not prepared for the topic Sister Laurel delivered.

Due to the backlash regarding her presentation, Sister Jane Dominic did not stay faithful to her goal of enlightening students, but rather she caused offense to her audience. Sister Mary Jane said there were no words to reverse the harm caused by the assembly comments, and that members of the college were saddened from the outcome. Division has arisen in a time where there should be unity. The comments made at the assembly did not represent Sister Jane Dominick’s previous contributions, which have had a profound influence on her students.

Sister Mary Sarah defended her colleague as being a qualified as a theologian. Sister Jane Dominic was trained at a Pontifical University. She holds the proper credentials to contribute to scholarly works and has done so in the past with distinction.

The statement also announced that Sister Jane Dominic has canceled her remaining speaking engagements and was taking an extended leave of absence from Aquinas College. She has made no comments concerning her assembly speech.

School administrators promised to better screen future speakers, and those presenting subjects that might be deemed controversial would be presented first to parents for approval. The parents and students at Charlotte Catholic High School wanted “nun” of Sister Jane Dominic’s dogma concerning the Catholic Church and its stance on homosexuality and single family parenting.

By Brian T. Yates

Charlotte Observer 
Aquinas College
Catholic Culture

4 Responses to "Charlotte Catholic High School Will Have ‘Nun’ of That"

  1. Stan J   April 13, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    The students who refuse catholic teaching should be expelled. There is a pro-gay public school not far from there that they could attend and is more to their liking.

  2. Stan J   April 13, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    Sister Jane Dominic must reflect upon the multitudes of Christians and saints who were martyred so that she could speak the truth for the Church. Please don’t forget the millions of servicemen who died defending her freedom of speech. Oh, yes there are millions more out here on her side willing to do the same again.

  3. Get a Grip   April 11, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Jo… smile and don’t be so afraid of the world… you clearly listen to too much talk radio. “Preaching the truth” is your perception of reality. Cheer up… America is not headed for ruin. There are many good teens out there with great futures ahead of them. “The sky is falling” mentality is only appealing to your “circle” of angry friends. The rest of us have a grip on life and we are enjoying it… and we don’t have to preach about our faith and morals all the time… live by example. “Thou doth protest too much.”

  4. Jo   April 11, 2014 at 4:47 am

    This is just homo-fascism at it’s core. A Catholic Nun does her God-given duty to preach the truth and denounce sexual immorality to children and she is backlashed in a Catholic school???? Those students who wrote the petition should leave the school if they don’t agree with the teachings of a CATHOLIC SCHOOL!!! The annoying argument from the homosexual supporting parents is that they weren’t warned. But hang on a minute…… Why don’t they get bothered when they are notified when their children are taught about Evolution, a fairy tale that hasn’t even been proved??? Most High school kids are very sexually active and aware of sexuality. Some are even into pornography and masturbation. So why did the truth cause such a ruckus when they are exposed to true sexual morality? America is headed for ruin. The homosexual agenda has gained ground and is infiltrating into Catholic Institutions. People with Same Sex Attraction deserve our respect, but the false image that homosexual activities are okay is deceptive and misleading. I will never send my child to this school where the teachings of morality are objected to by Catholic students! What have they been taught all this time????

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