Chris Brown Transferred Into Federal Custody

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been transferred into federal custody and is awaiting departure to Washington D.C. He is currently being held in the San Bernardino County Jail. Brown picked up the charge while on probation and in December 2013 was ordered to undergo treatment in a rehab facility. This March Chris was sent to jail by Judge James Brandlin after failing to meet probation requirements in connection with the widely publicized 2009 abuse case. Brown allegedly failed to take drug tests, touched a woman, and acted threateningly during group therapy. The Superior Court Judge could sentence Brown to four years if he determines he has violated his probation.

It seems Chris’s life has been spiraling out of control since the 2009 assault case. Now, not only has he landed himself back in jail due to misconduct, he is also facing time in an unrelated case.

Chris’ lawyer Mark Geragos confirmed the R&B singer was taken by U.S. marshals from the Los Angeles County jail to await transfer to Washington, D.C. for his assault trial later this month. Sources in law enforcement stated Brown was scheduled to leave Thursday after a hearing. During this hearing his attorney was going to put in motion to block browns transfer to the federal authorities. Geragos was planning to argue that if Chris Brown were transferred into federal custody it would hurt their ability to converse before trails. Browns Lawyer was also seeking authorization to transport the Chris Brown himself, but federal authorities seized his client as soon as the motion was filed. It is unclear whether the singer is facing jail time in this case.

Another source claims that singer has lost all hope and is broken. I guess having no freedom and having to live behind bars is not the life he wants to lead. Based on Browns recent actions, one cannot be so sure. His rumored drug use and violent outbursts on and off social media indicate that he is angry, but his actions also indicated he is in need of real help.

In Hollywood, there are things that happen like this all the time. A star starts a pattern of drug use and partying, and that drug partying become the instrument of their destruction. Their deaths are often a direct result of their lifestyles. Take Jimi Hendrix and Billie Holiday, for example, both were beloved musicians who got in trouble with the law and eventually ended up taking their own lives.

Musical stardom can take a lot out of you, especially when your fans love to hate you. Chris Browns ability to garner negative attention by acting out publicly only adds fuel to the fire. Is seems he is still grappling with the guilt of his mistakes and the backlash from the media as well as his former fans. If Chris Brown makes it out of prison even after he was transferred into federal custody, may it be a lesson and a second chance for him.

His trial date is set for April 17th.

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  1. Phyllis Brown   April 4, 2014 at 4:43 am

    We love ChrisBrown & people needs to leave him alone he have been apologizing to the world about him & his ex & she forgave him then went back together. Then people picking fight with him that’s not right either, he do positive things but the media not looking at that so leave him alone & set him free…thank u


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