Commercial Chicks Hot and Sassy

Commercial Chicks Hot and Sassy

Commercial spokespersons have been around forever, endorsing products and services with their name, fame and face. Certain brands have used long standing characters that equate to loyal customers. Celebrities with ongoing star power and a well known status have played into the success of many businesses when it comes to advertising. Producing and running an ad campaign is costly, as many companies have found new and little known spokespeople to promote their goods. Often the new endorser will find themselves as a well paid minor celebrity with a loyal fan base and money in the bank for doing a commercial series. Commercial chicks in modern times are the hot and sassy of advertising.

Commercial Chicks Hot and Sassy
Stephanie Courtney as Flo, The Progressive Girl
Commercial Chicks Hot and Sassy
Milana Vayntrub for AT+T
Commercial Chicks Hot and Sassy
Morgan Smith Goodwin for Wendy’s
Commercial Chicks Hot and Sassy
Hannah Davis for DirecTV

Over the last several years, Progressive Insurance has succeeded with numerous commercials featuring Flo, the Progressive girl. Her quick wit and comedic return is as enticing as her delivery of information on insurance rates. Since 2008, Stephanie Courtney has donned the apron, sneakers and blue headband and has succeeded in capturing a cult like following. The New York native embarked on a career of comedy by joining The Groundlings in her younger years. Somehow, she luckily was discovered and has been laughing all the way to bank since with her commercial series with Progressive.

The now 44 year old actress and comedian is still going strong as Flo with no end in sight. She has created admiration and respect and no doubt has boosted insurance sales along the way. Her character has been emulated as a popular Halloween costume, producing sales in off shoot categories.

The understanding, sensitive insurance representative has been seen in hundreds of commercials yucking it up with customers, rescuing a stranded driver in the rain and dreaming by campfire. Courtney is content with her gig for now and has reportedly made close to $3 million over the years as Flo. She has enjoyed being the queen of a commercial with her helpful and spunky attitude.

Flo is hot and sassy in her own way and has paved the goods and services industry with ideas for new ad campaigns. Celebrities are still often used in a commercial, but more recent focus has been bestowed in creating attention with new faces. The hot chick from DirecTV has been model Hannah Davis. Working for Victoria Secret and Ralph Lauren, the 23 year old from The Virgin Islands has been sneaking into living rooms wearing a lacy gown and showing off her flowing curls. She once dated Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees, until things were not so quiet in their relationship. Davis was gaining too much attention for Jeter by modeling for Sports Illustrated and starring in her own commercial.

As the old adage states, sex sells. It can be suttle, unintended, but still a factor in communication that gets people interested and keeps them engaged. Regular everyday beauties can be hot and sassy in a suave and powerful way as the message of advertising can be simple. A contagious smile and a knowing look can go a long way with an almost subliminal scheme to get people to buy. Admen crave and drool over the normal gal next door that can sell their product. An actor in a commercial that appears to believe in the product is the best sell. Adding hot and sassy to the mix is an added bonus.

Hair, eyes and a sweet, sexy or sly smile can make all the difference in catching the attention of consumers. Whether it is already a well known product or service, a new spokesperson can deliver the hot and sassy to a commercial that may need a new life. Relative newcomers have entered our television nights with excitement and sometimes annoying ploys to sell products.

Wendy’s has capitalized on the red hair of Morgan Smith Goodwin. Always promoting a tasty sandwich from the food chain, does the gal do nothing else but eat? It seems to be a good fit for the 29 year old actress from Alabama, as the snarky office girl seems to enjoy the hot and juicy food from the popular restaurant all the time. Performing in many productions as well as in the off-Broadway production of Freckleface Strawberry, Goodwin has found favor by selling burgers and chicken sandwiches in her many Wendy’s commercials.

The sweet, demur Milana Vayntrub has been accepted in high fashion for her portrayal of Lily Adams, the AT&T girl. Seeming to know all of the rates, rules, charges and plans of the phone and internet company, her gentle whispers and confidence has played a major role in the success of the company.  The fully clothed singer and small role actress in numerous movie and TV parts looks conservative in the commercials, but has easily attracted the audience with her shy sexiness. Originally from Ubekistan, Vayntrub is a sure bet for more to come.

Commercials rely on the hot and sassy from the likes of Davis, Goodwin and Vayntrub while not ignoring the constant catch and draw from Courney’s Flo. Watch out celebrities, a new breed has arrived.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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