David Beckham H&M Swimwear Photos Released

David Beckham H&M Swimwear

David Beckham H&M Swimwear

David Beckham and his chiseled physique continue to delight the eyes of adorers. A new ad for an H&M swimwear campaign has graced the internet and is attracting attention from more than a group of beach-going aficionados. Many are swooning over the released photos and could not be happier with H&M’s swimwear campaign decision to go Beckham.

Despite the Greek god’s retirement from professional soccer last year, the 38-year-old seems to have maintained his fighting weight. Who better to show of the Swedish retailer’s new Beckham swimwear line than the man himself….tattoos, far off gaze, and all? (A front row seat to the unveiling can be seen on E!’s website in their fashion segment.)

The soccer legend and father-of-four has had a Bodywear line with H&M since early 2012, which features all the things a man’s body can wear beneath a more modest wardrobe, or the things he can adorn when he desires to eschew formal clothing all together, like pajamas, and the Bodywear collection also features after boxing cool down duds, or what some may refer to as leisure wear. As is seen in the proliferation of photos for the line, Beckham is no stranger to disrobing down to his skivvies  in front of the camera. The swimwear line, however, may actually be a little tamer than the Bodywear photos  and show less skin than those of him in form-fitting briefs and barely-there tighty-whiteys.

Unsurprisingly enough, Beckham’s Bodywear photographs earned him the title of underwear model of the century by Tommy Hilfiger. Beckham stated that he is thrilled by the success of the Bodywear collection, and he is happy to be a part of H&M’s Swimwear line as well. As internet gawkers peruse the released photos of H&M’s Swimwear campaign, it is easy to say they are happy with Beckham’s part in it too.

The swimwear ad campaign, shot by Glen Luchford, features an array of styles and fits, which Beckham showcases handsomely. A favorite style to preview may be the Speedo-style “Budgie Smugglers,” available in nautical colors, such as navy, khaki, and white. Even if languishing over men in this cut died with 80’s speedboats, Lamborghini ads, and tequila sunrises, it does not hurt to take a look at a man who can pull it off despite the tacky connotations.

There is also the more popular swimming shorts option, which is featured in a variety of lengths and colors, and are sold with a complimentary and color-coordinated nylon storage bag.

According to Beckham, H&M and him worked hard on the campaign to design a new set of classic swimwear for men that have a great fit, and provide comfort and style. The collection of trunks and briefs, and everything in between, debuts internationally this coming May 22, and serving the Swedish retailer’s well-deserved reputation, the line promises to be affordable and abundant.

Beckham customarily has been a man who does not disappoint his fans, and by the looks of the released photos, H&M has picked a very hard-working star for their Swimwear collection. If Beckham keeps showing up like this, H&M will have no problem satisfying their buyer’s market.

By Stacy Feder