Depression’s Achilles Heel: Words of Life

depressionThe world  has the power to cause depression. Local news, world news, news as close as our backyard or even next door. Is it any wonder why people are so downcast? The news is not cheery, life and death are held in limbo, and if one wants to read about any good news . . .look in the back of the newspaper, just behind the coupon section. Freedom from depression is possible. Depression has an Achilles heel . . .Speaking words of life.

Now by Depression is defined as prolonged sense of sadness, helplessness, and hopelessness. 90% of all suicidal deaths have been attributed to depression and even after going through counseling with the help of medication, some still feel the heavy weight of depression’s hand crushing down upon them, and so to alleviate this, they end their life. Not surprising, those who have endured prolonged days of depression, have a 40% higher chance of heart failure. The human heart can take only so much pressure before it stops beating altogether or literally blows a valve. The feeling that one has where there is nowhere to turn is frightening and adds to the mounting pressure already building up to a frenzy.

Traditional thinking regarding depression believes that it is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. While this maybe true, or at least a contributing factor, alternative thinking is now taking a look at the persons diet, sleep patterns, their faith(if they have any), and the closeness of family and friends. Should any one of these be out of sink, depression could be close at hand. However, the one contributing factor that almost always is overlooked is “self-talk.” How does a person see themselves and why do they feel that way? Having a positive mental attitude about oneself is hard for the depressed person to believe and comprehend because they feel their words carry as much weight as a bag of feathers. Being depressed and keeping a poor self image is easier because if they fail to attain something they really wanted, the let down is not as painful as it would have been if they started believing in themselves and then fell.

Do nothing always gives them the same results: Nothing. Nothing gained. Nothing lost. The fear factor is not as intimidating since they are not stepping out. But what if the one living with depression wants to break free? What can they do? It can be as simple as changing the way they think and talk about themselves. The depressed person probably does not intentionally start off their morning by looking in the mirror and say, “Good morning stupid! You sure look ugly today. In fact, you look worse than usual. Is that your face or did your neck throw up?” These are things that have been and are continually going through their mind, so they do not need to speak them out.

But just think of how their self image and mental health would change if the words they spoke brought a smile to their face. “Good morning beautiful/handsome! You look great today! You sure are intelligent and are more than able of accomplishing what needs to be done today!” A wise man once said, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Those who love it, will eat the fruit thereof.” Which fruit would be more palatable? The good one of course! It is like eating a fresh strawberry or a rotten one. Which would you choose? Our words have the power to heal or hurt. Build up or destroy. It all comes down to choice. The depressed person can have freedom from their depression, but it all comes down to their choice. Will it be easy? Nothing worth while ever is. It has been said it takes 21 days to establish a habit but only 1 day to break it. Should they give up when they encounter a day that is too overwhelming? No. But they need to make the choice to get back up again. The door of their prison has been opened up and their fetters of depression loosed. The step to freedom begins with one step. So take that step.

By John Thomas


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2 Responses to "Depression’s Achilles Heel: Words of Life"

  1. Trish   April 12, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Honestly money might help you feel less depressed for a short time, but because the feelings of depression come from inside, external things will only cover it, not fix it & the dark days will return, money or not.The healing must come from within to work properly. I know, because having been poor most of my life & then coming into money, it really doesn’t fix depression, even though when you struggle financially & have depression, you’re sure money will. Internal dialogue is the most important thing to keep in check, you have to be your own best friend at all times.

  2. sakara   April 12, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    a lot of money can solve a lot of depression, especially when you are poor and depressed.


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