Destiny Gameplay Video Gives a Taste of What Is to Come [Video]


The Game:

Bungie and Activision’s new game, Destiny, is set in the “near future,” according to Bungie COO Pete Parsons, where a sentient planet-like being know as the Traveler arrives in earth’s orbit and ushers in a new golden age in human civilization. The knowledge and technology that was acquired from the traveler allowed man to
take to the star and establish new frontiers on Mars and Venus and possibly other planet as well. However, the Traveler did not come to our solar system alone. There is a dark presence that follows the Traveler to us and nearly destroys everything. The Traveler sacrifices itself to put a stop to the darkness and save our world. In the wake of the destruction, the survivors of the initial attacks rebuild a small part of civilization under the ruins of the Traveler.

The game can take place on one of many planets or locations. The gameplay video shows scenes of earth and an area that is deemed “New Russia.” Players will be able to explore the moon, Venus, Mars and other parts of earth that remain in ruin in the aftermath of “The Collapse” which was brought on by the darkness. This game comes from the studio and staff that brought gamers the Halo franchise. This action adventure game boasts enormous, expansive worlds, vibrant and detailed graphics, and a whole lot of fun times to be had through a single player campaign and an array of multiplayer modes. Destiny is a game that is many years in the making. The game made its public debut in November of 2012 and since then has been making splashes over gaming media sites.

The game is classified as an action game, but it also plays like an role-playing since the enemies and players have level and the player has the ability to level up and upgrade their character and equipment.

The Characters:

The main characters of Destiny are three types of guardians. The Warlock, the Titan and the Hunter.
The Warlock carries the knowledge of the Traveler and has learned to channel some of its energy to use in combat. He may not be the strongest character, but the Warlock brings something besides an extra gun to the fight. His default weapon choice is a burst action rifle, a shotgun and arcane energy.

The Titan is the strongest and possesses the most defense of any of the guardians. They wield heavier weapons than the two other classes such as a rocket launcher and a full automatic rifle. The Titan does have some arcane abilities, such as the ability to rush in and tackle enemies while shielded by energy.

The Hunters are fast and agile. Their weapons of choice are a pistol and a sniper rifle, as shown in the video. They are able to throw knives that are coated with a small amount of energy that can do considerable damage. The Hunter’s speed allows them to slide in order to avoid fire.

The guardians are opposed by four different factions of enemies. They are the Hive, the Vex, the Fallen, and the Cabal. The enemies are diverse and intelligent. They all hail from different parts of the galaxy. more details will be revealed about enemies at a later date and when the game is on demo at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles this summer.

The Video:

The gameplay video depict a single mission by the name of Devils’ Lair Strike. It show three Guardians who are infiltrating the area of Earth that was once Russia, but is now called the Devils’ lair. This is due to the fact that the Fallen have dug in and made the area their own personal stronghold where they are strategically placed to continually pound on the walls colonies which contain human survivors. The mission is to destroy the machine found in the ruins of a ship to disrupt the flow of power that goes to the Fallen. When the game starts with the player getting ambushed by a wave of Fallen forces. The video does a great job of displaying the strengths and weaknesses of all three of the types of Guardians. It also does a good job of showing what a balanced team of able players is capable of.

It was announced earlier this week that Gamestop will be giving out codes for digital distribution of a special vehicle that can only be obtained by people who pre-ordered a copy of Destiny from a participating store location. A beta was scheduled to be available for those who pre-ordered as well, but there has yet to be an expected date on when the beta will go live.

Destiny looks like a unique adventure in gaming. The art and graphic are smooth and easy on the eyes. The characters look like they are fun to play and finding out which one is best suited to an individual will prove to be an enjoyable process. Look for more news and updates on this amazing title as its September 9 release date draws closer.

By Mike White

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