Dropbox Launches Mailbox for Android

DropboxThe Mailbox app iOS users have enjoyed for more than a year has now been launched to the Android Marketplace compliments of Dropbox. Dropbox acquired the developers of Mailbox, Orchestra, one year ago and quickly started planning to release the app on other devices. The Mailbox app is available now for Android and a desktop version is arriving soon. Users can sign up for a beta release at the Mailbox website.

Two key features Mailbox features over Gmail is the Auto-swipe and Snooze options. Auto-swipe learns which emails you swipe away. By keeping track of which emails you swipe away, the app will then keep those emails from entering your main inbox. There is no need to label unwanted emails as spam, the app will learn that for you. The app will remember which emails you swiped away and use that to filter your inbox in the future. It is a great feature for those of us who have to swipe away all those emails away day after day. The hope is that as you use Mailbox, the amount of unwanted email cluttering your inbox will decrease.

The Snooze option will let you swipe an email that you may not want to answer right away. This could be an email that you want to answer at a later time. If an email from a friend arrives in your mailbox in the morning, you can Snooze it to the side and set up a reminder for later that day or evening. The app comes with plenty of time options and one of those options will surely meet your timing needs. This feature will surely help from those emails that you want to respond to sooner or later getting lost in the rest of your emails.

Now that Dropbox has launched Mailbox, users can expect to see more features added to both main apps. There are plenty of possibilities and how each app can benefit from the other. Of course, the details of what exactly is planned has not yet been revealed. Those features are sure to be announced soon.

With a new email app there are sure to be a few drawbacks. Currently, Mailbox only supports Gmail and iCloud email accounts. Mailbox promises support for more email clients to come at a later time. Those who wish to use other email clients will have to wait for them to be added into the app.

Another drawback is there is a slight learning curve when first using the Mailbox app. The features that the app has is not as intuitive as other main email apps. There is a great interactive tutorial when the app is first launched to help you understand the new functions. However, learning how to short swipe and long swipe may take a little getting used to. Other email apps are straightforward and have less to learn. Mailbox does offer more and users are sure to find the new features useful and helpful.

The launch of Mailbox for the Android platform shows how serious Dropbox is at adding more to their cloud service. Dropbox has started with email and will soon bring a layer on top of Microsoft Word with Project Harmony. The possibilities are sure to keep users clicking on their devices for a long time.

By Raul Hernandez


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