Drunk Drivers Sober up to Let Other Drivers Live

drunk drivers

drunk driversDrunk drivers, apparently, in the state of Wisconsin, are given a ticket for a first time offense and not thrown in the brig until morning. Just a slap on the wrist. Wisconsin is the only state in the nation where this happens. That is certainly not enough punishment to sober someone up who has not had a drink in their life or a Friday night party-type person to make sure they stay sober or plan for a ride home. Drunk drivers, please, no drunk driving. sober up and let the rest of the other drivers have a better chance to live.

UW Madison, has boasted that they are the Party College of the Union. Come to UW Madison and not only get a PHD in music, Environmental Sciences, etc, but a minor in Jack Daniels,vomiting, and hangovers That may sound a bit crude, but it is the truth. Truth be told, drunk drivers need to sober up live. Lawmakers in Wisconsin have not been able to come together to toughen drunk driving laws sad to say, the Department of Transportation claim that in 2012, several hundred people died in drunken driver related accidents in Wisconsin alone. So what is the best answer for this problem? Limit the number of drinks a person can have at bars and restaurants. They will just go to another establishment to have their allotted drink and move on.

The state of Wisconsin should make drivers buy their own breathalyzer and blow into it so they will see where their blood alcohol content is and if it is above the legal limit, hand the keys over to a designated driver. Many would not care less where their blood alcohol content is, just as long as they have a good time. Listen oh drunk drivers: Sober up to live to see another day. Another year. Live to enjoy retirement.

Maybe the best deterrent is to have establishments that serve alcohol buy the breathalyzers and when a customer is about to leave, have them blow into it to see if the blood alcohol content is at or above the legal limit and call a taxi or the local police? Nah, it would probably cause too much of an uproar. It could be that securing the patron’s keys initially before any drinks are served might be the answer as well. But that of course, would be infringing on a person’s rights. What? The right to be stupid? The right to operate a 2-4 thousand pound killing machine? The right to maim someone or undermine the state law to the point it becomes a laughingstock of the city? State? Nation?

What is the state of Wisconsin going to do with their drunken drivers? Lock them up! Fine them exceedingly and anything else to get this point across, sober up and live. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), was started when a mother’s daughter was tragically killed by a drunk driver. The drunk driver admitted he had been at a few bars that night and when he was arrested, his blood alcohol limit was 0.24. He was charged with DUI Manslaughter and sentenced to 17 years in jail. He only served 9 years before being released on an appeal.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin, at one point in time proudly boasted that they had 13 bars in a four block radius. Thankfully, that number has dwindled down over the years. But back in the day, a person wanting to go for a drink or wanted to get drunk, had 1:13 choices in which to become inebriated enough to fall down flat on their face, roll in their own vomit, or if lucky, make it home safe without killing themselves or someone else by driving drunk.

Regarding drunkenness, the Bible has much to say on the topic of being drunk. Becoming intoxicated will eventually leave one wearing raggedy clothes, as well as being led astray. A person who continues to get drunk will not enter into heaven. Sorry to say this, hell has not, is not and never will a place where parties go on forever. People will not part hardy with their friends, they will be alone and in torment.

So what does the state of Wisconsin have to do to crack down on drunk driving? What should each state of the Union do? Educate. Illuminate. Confiscate.

1. Educate: This starts off in the home with the parents teaching their children about the dangers of alcohol. If the children are shown it is OK to drink oneself into an oblivion, they will follow in their parents footsteps. Secondly, the parents need to educate their children on the dangers of drinking too much alcohol.

2. Illuminate: Reveal the consequences to themselves and others what driving drunk will do (i.e. Fines, bodily injury, death).

3. Confiscate: Take the keys away from someone who is a known drunk driver for a period of time such as five years and return them only if they have completed a treatment program, secures a mentor, paid off their fines, completed community service, and worked in a hospital ward as a volunteer with survivors of drunk driving accidents.

Wisconsin should get on the bandwagon with the other 49 states and say, Drive drunk, and go to jail. Plain and simple. Plenty can be done to limit drunk driving in Wisconsin as long as the police, residents and law makers have enough backbone to make laws that put the fear of God into those who wish to drive drunk. But nothing will be gained if nothing is ventured. So, drunk drivers, please sober up and live.

Opinion by John Thomas

Stevens Point Journal
New International Version of the Bible (Printed)
MADD website

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  1. Confiscation doesn’t work. More than half of all drivers who have their licenses suspended drive anyway, and many of those will drive drunk if they have that tendency. What works are ignition interlocks, which prevent drivers from starting a car if they’ve been drinking. If you really want to get drunk drivers off the road, interlocks are the way to go.

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