Kate Gosselin on Celebrity Apprentice but Who Is Watching the Kids?


Well Jon Gosselin is back at picking  on Kate’s parenting techniques, demanding to know what the plan is for the kids childcare while she is part of the cast of Celebrity Apprentice. Seems like a valid question unless the fact that Kate asked Jon to help during the filming, and he turned her down is true. Gosselin only has the kids once a week, and generally, when he takes them back home, a nanny is there to let the gang into the house. Most of the time he is unaware whether Kate is even at home. Now that she is back on TV it seems he also wants to be back in the limelight by demanding answers to questions that he may, or may not have a right to ask.


It is the same old he said she said with this couple once again. Jon stating that he watches the kids a few days a week, and the people in her camp are stating that he only has them one day a week, and refuses to take them more than that. A fan saw the kids in New York recently, and tweeted about how great the kids were and what good manners they have. This same woman tweeted the picture to the right, and had nothing but good things to say about Kate. Another tweet from this same woman was telling Kate what a great Mother she is. This sure doesn’t sound like the general public is worried about who is watching the kids while Kate Gosselin is being a part of Celebrity Apprentice. Her tweets seem to be about the things she is doing, like auctioning off her wedding dress for charity, and asking the people of New York to come out for pie and cocoa for the show.

During their hit show Jon and Kate Plus Eight many viewers thought that she was very hard on her then husband, Jon. Others say that when you have that many children and you are trying to run a household and raise them with values, that discipline and strict schedules are the only way to stay sane. It was painful to watch them drag each other through the mud, with their very public divorce. However it seems that Kate has been very busy making sure she can take care of her kids, and can she really be faulted for that? The fans made them stars, so if that notoriety can help her make a living, should she not take advantage of it?

Maybe Jon’s worries are valid, maybe not, the only ones that know are Jon and Kate themselves. Many think Jon just cannot let Kate ever be in the limelight without him, and many fans think it is time for him to move on. If the children are being taken care of, and are healthy and happy, that should be enough for him. Kate Gosselin has had primary custody of the children since the divorce, so is it really in Jon’s best interest to stir the pot yet again about who is watching the kids while she is working on Celebrity Apprentice? 

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One Response to "Kate Gosselin on Celebrity Apprentice but Who Is Watching the Kids?"

  1. Donna Wooster (@DonnaWooster1)   April 23, 2014 at 11:39 am

    Not to worry ,she has a whole army to watch toes kids. I was of the understanding that Steve was hired to protect the kids, it seems to me 8 kids would need more protecting than just one Kate, but then I guess if you are trying to break up a marriage, you have to keep an eye on him, shame on her.

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