Endangered Species List That May Seem Surprising

Endangered species

Endangered species may have become a topic of concern to most people as the human population continues to multiply around the world at what may appear to be a rapid rate. A wildlife species is presumed to be considered in danger of becoming extinct whenever there is a difference in the number of those species in comparison to the rate at which its habitat is being destroyed. By measuring the rate of difference between an endangered species and its natural ability to reproduce within its intended environment that may be located in the wild, researchers may be able to give an assumption concerning what might be an explanation for the disappearance of several mammals, plants, birds, fish, and other living organisms. Surprisingly, there may be species who are listed as being endangered that may seem to be disappearing at a more rapid rate than once thought.

The United States Congress may have implemented the Endangered Species Act in what may be an effort to help protect those species who are in danger of becoming extinct, as well as the ecosystems considered as to be the natural habitat for those species. As the human population increases, the need for more land may be increasing as well. Land that may have once been referred to as the natural habit for what seems to be some of nature’s most precious endangered species, may be on the list of surprising locations for renovation. Alternatively, there may be other factors other than building construction projects that might account for the lives of many endangered animals. For example, the Benger Tiger may be speculated as being a major target for hunters who are after the luxurious coats these tigers are naturally born with. The Sumatran Orangutan population count may have dropped by over 50 percent during the past few years, due to agricultural expansions, and the over-logging of trees in the country of Indonesia. One of the more seemingly surprising entries onto the list of endangered species is the Western Gorilla, whose popularity among hunters may seem to add to the increasing drop in numbers for this species.

On the other hand, not all species that have been placed on the endangered species list may be there due to becoming a victim of hunters or as a result of the expansion of the agricultural industry, but more so may become endangered due to environmental protection efforts. The African Lion was speculated to be the contributor to the spread of tuberculosis among the hunters, who were assumed to be targeting the African Lion, in an effort to eliminate attacks against humans and any surrounding livestock, specifically located in areas in and around Africa. The exploitation of the Hippopotamus has been presumed to be one of the cause for 20 percent drop in population that may have been calculated over three generations of the endangered animal. Lastly, one frequent yet surprising reason that seems to contribute to the list of endangered species is the poaching of wildlife animals, to which may be explanatory for why the Chimpanzee may be vulnerable to becoming extinct.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley

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