Game of Thrones Red Wedding Difficult for Viewers, Readers and the Author

Game of ThronesThe Red Wedding in Game of Thrones was not just difficult for viewers and readers, but for author George R.R. Martin to write. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he opened up about the difficult decision to kill off two of the main protagonists in the series when he was writing the Songs of Fire and Ice series. He also acknowledged that the TV show made the wedding much worse than the books ever were.

Martin loved the characters he created, and it made it extremely difficult to kill them. However, he knew it had to be done. For viewers of Game of Thrones, the Red Wedding took place in the penultimate episode of season three, and shocked thousands who had not read the book. In fact, it even shocked those who had read the second book, Storm of Swords. In the book Robb Stark’s wife was never killed, and to show the graphic scene of her being stabbed in the belly knowing she was pregnant was torturous for many.

According to the author, liking a character does not mean one will not die. So far, a number of likeable characters have seen their end in the show—and many more in the books. Viewers and readers alike have been furious with the decision, but Martin wants to make it clear that he feels the distress as much as anyone else.

To prove that it was not just the viewers and readers who found the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones difficult the author explained that that scene was the last to be written for the second book. He skipped it and wrote the aftermath, finished the novel and then went back to finally do the deed; setting their deaths forever in stone.

Many fans soon got past the Red Wedding though, as more and more terrible things have happened. The show runners of the hot HBO masterpiece have also proven countless times that they are not afraid to deviate from the books. The most recent proof came from the additional incest rape scene that has a number of viewers and readers divided on whether it is taking the show down a dark path or not.

There are also promises that future episodes of Game of Thrones will deviate from the books. Various characters have become more likeable in the show than they ever were in the books, and some characters have not even been introduced enough meaning different characters take their places. Many readers are looking forward to see how the next few episodes will play out, knowing how it all happens in the books.

There are still more twists and turns to come—both onscreen and in the books—and fans will likely be disappointed, angry and left mourning their favorites. It’s worth taking some time to think about Martin, who has to do the deed of writing the deaths of his favorite, beloved characters, and that even includes characters like Joffrey! While Game of Thrones has not been easy for its readers and viewers, scenes like the Red Wedding have also been extremely difficult for the author.

By Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Nathan   April 25, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Storm of Swords is the third book in the Song of Ice and Fire series not the second…

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