High School Stabbing in Pennsylvania Leaves 20 Students Injured

PennsylvaniaA mass stabbing at Franklin Regional High School in Pennsylvania has left at least 20 students injured with four of the injured reportedly airlifted after sustaining the most serious injuries. It is not clear what led the attacker to go on a stabbing rampage, moving from room to room slashing and stabbing students and chasing potential victims down the halls.  The attacker, now in custody, is being reported to be a male student.

The male student who is thought to have carried out the attack has said that no one else was involved with the stabbings. The majority of injuries, according to local public safety spokesman Dan Stevens, were knife wounds to extremities. A handful of victims however were airlifted to Pennsylvania’s Forbes Regional Hospital after sustaining very serious injuries.

The stabbing rampage lasted for nearly 15 minutes, with the attacker moving from room to room and down the school hallways attacking his victims. Eventually, the attacker was reportedly tackled and then apprehended, putting an end to the chaos of the attack. The names and condition of the four airlifted victims has yet to be released, however three were reportedly receiving treatment in the Pennsylvania Hospital, with another heading into surgery. The name of the assailant has also not been released, however Pennsylvania students, staff, and families are all glad that the attack is over and as of yet has not claimed any lives.

As news circulates of the High School stabbing rampage at Franklin Regional High School, Pennsylvania is receiving support from concerned Americans across the nation. The alarming trend of violence in American schools seems to be continuing, and the latest place to suffer the ramifications of this trend is Pennsylvania’s Franklin Regional High School.

By Daniel Worku



NY Times

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