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Haters of How I Met Your Mother‘s ending finale have supposedly good news to look forward to later this fall. Co-creators of the prime-time comedy show Carter Bays and Craig Thomas both released a statement earlier yesterday saying that there will be an alternative ending that can be seen when both Season 9 and the full series are released on DVD.

“Thank you to those of you that liked the show’s final ending and sent such positive messages about it. To those of you that did not, it unfortunately happens. We just decided to try out something which did not connect with some of you,” Bays said via his Twitter. “Now we have a bit of news. Over two weeks ago, we were in the editing room, trying to make a decision between two very different endings. We shot just one script, but with some editing we ended up having two very different possible endings for How I Met Your Mother. The one that didn’t make the final cut is going to be included on the Complete Series DVD as an alternate ending.”

Thomas released a similar statement, saying that there was always a Plan B. He also said that he and Bays stick by the ending they chose and do not regret it. Both creators say they knew there would be outrage regarding the finale.

How I Met Your Mother was first released in 2005. The plot is about a 27 year-old man named Ted Mosby who lives in Manhattan, alongside four of his best friends: Marshall and Lily, the couple who have been together since college for nine years and have just gotten engaged; Barney, a womanizing playboy who dresses only in suits, and Robin, a news anchor who Ted at first believes is his soulmate. The series revolves around “Future Ted,” telling his two kids the story of how he met their mother in the year 2030.

The series enjoyed a nine-year long run with enormous popularity and success, with little hints about the kids’ future mother being dropped throughout episodes, leaving fans to speculate as to the identity of the elusive Mother.

The finale was an hour long and aired Monday, March 31 and set off a huge backlash amongst fans, who were extremely unhappy with the ending the writers chose for Ted and the Mother. Some How I Met Your Mother fans were reportedly so angry with the chosen outcome that they even started a petition to change the ending to something alternative, which has already reached over 17,000 signatures, exceeding its goal of 15,000 by over 2,000.

Josh Radnor, the actor behind main character of the series Ted Mosby, vouched his support of the show’s finale. “If you do something that is new and considered different, therefore seen as daring and bold, then you are obviously going to have some who love it and some who hate it. Ultimately, I am a fan of both the show and the final ending.”

The How I Met Your Mother DVD set with alternative ending is set to be released in fall later this year, although no exact dates have yet been given.

By Jessica Cooley

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  1. Jenny   April 5, 2014 at 6:06 pm

    The plan b idea is always a good sell for fans because of the DVD release. It’s another to make more money.


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