HTC to Offer Selfie-Friendly Smartphones as It Works on Optical Zoom Plans


HTC Corporation seems to have taken a note or two from the recent reviews its latest flagship phone, the All New HTC One (M8), got from consumers. The M8 has been marked by users as an amazing phone, but fell short of being outstanding, due to the comparative low quality of its camera. Well, the camera guru at the HTC Corporation was listening, and today announced the firm is working on plans to introduce the optical zoom technology into their smartphones within the next 18 to 24 months. HTC also wants to own the selfie market, and therefore, their new powerful camera equipped smartphones will be selfie-friendly.

In a blog interview on Friday with Vodafone, HTC’s Symon Whitehorn, said that with the tough competition in the smartphone market, it is not about adding more mega pixels into the camera anymore and instead, consumers want higher and better technology as social media has made photo-sharing one of the primary uses of a smartphone.

He said that HTC Corporation will be adding interesting technology inside its smartphones now such as the duo camera that allows the user to refocus after an image is taken. He further said that HTC will not be stopping at that, but will introduce camera technology to the point where it will be “harder to justify taking out a big camera” or even buying one.

“Optical zooming in a smartphone is not too far off at all for HTC,” Whitehorn said, adding that within the next one to two years, HTC will have seen significant advancements in phone optics. He further said that “optical zoom is the wall that stands between smartphone cameras and digital single-lens reflex (DSLRs).” He added that it was highly possible for HTC to manufacture optical zoom camera smartphones within the next two years.

Whitehorn acknowledged that until two years ago, he would have never believed that smartphones can replace DSLRs, but now he is “not so sure.” He said the gap is closing in. He said that based on his believes, HTC is already working on plans to introduce the optical zoom in its smartphones, which will also make the phones selfie-friendly and offer consumers better photo-sharing options.

Stressing on the trend of selfies, Whitehorn pointed out that in some markets, 90 percent of the photos taken via a cell phone camera are selfies. He said this fact highlights the potential there is in the market for a selfie-friendly camera and HTC plans to tap into their market. He said that even though HTC had worked to improve the selfie-camera in their M8 with its five mega pixel wide-angel sensor, the potential was much higher to introduce better technology and, thereby, the best selfie camera.

He further said HTC no longer treats the front camera as “an afterthought.” However, the camera guru said the front and rear camera will still continue to differ in specifications and each one will be designed in a manner to optimize their roles in a smartphone.

Nevertheless, Whitehorn was realistic when he said that even though optical zoom is close to reality for HTC as the firm works out its plans, the smartphone cameras are unlikely to replace the DSLR cameras in the short-term. Whitehorn also referred to the 4K video resolution technology and said that HTC would wait for the people to familiarize themselves with the 4K before they take a step towards it for their phones. In the meantime, consumers can look forward to HTC offering them selfie-friendly smartphones within the next two years.

By Faryal Najeeb

Droid Life
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