John Boehner Needs Kicked to the Curb

john boehnerIt is high past time for Speaker John Boehner to be kicked to the curb and for fresh blood to take his place in Congress as the representative of Ohio District Eight. Boehner has proven over the last few years that he is poisonous to the mission of conservatism, which is to restore liberty and fiscal responsibility in America.

What is needed in his place is a representative that stands on principle, who is ultimately consumed by a zeal and passion for upholding the U.S. Constitution, which effectively leads to a shrinking in the size and scope of the federal government. Boehner took an oath to perform this task himself, but has violated it in every conceivable way, which is why it is simply time for him to hit the road.

The problem with Boehner is he has wandered far from his conservative roots and has become another career politician grafted into the establishment, which is itself the root of the cancer that eats away at the foundation of this great republic. Politicians often talk of individuals being hooked on the welfare system losing their incentive to work and perform their jobs well, but the same truth could be applied to them also, since it is the tax dollars taken from the pockets of hard-working Americans that pay their salary.

It is obvious that Boehner has become addicted to this form of “welfare,” as he will do whatever is necessary to keep the money rolling into his bank account. This willingness to compromise on principles, to do what is wrong in order to further a career,  is the hallmark of someone who would rather play politics for the money and prestige instead of protecting the Constitution and the rights of the people.

John Boehner has demonstrated time and again this same willingness to compromise on core convictions and principles, all in the name of preserving his political career, which is the chief reason that conservatives want to kick him to the curb. It is one thing to abandon principles in favor of a new set of ideals, but it is apparent by the double-speak pouring forth from Boehner’s lips that this is not the reason for flip-flopping on policy positions.

The Speaker has stated in previous interviews that he completely trusts President Obama, which is a statement that horrified conservatives, who took this comment as a betrayal. Who can blame them? President Obama promised that Americans would be able to keep their insurance plans after Obamacare was passed, but this has proven to be false as millions have lost their coverage. One lie is simply one too many, and yet Boehner has complete trust and faith in him? It sounds a bit fishy.

Add to this the fact that the West Chester, Ohio native has recently come out bashing conservatives and other members of the Republican Party on immigration reform. It is an attempt to vilify those who support enforcing current immigration laws, making him appear more friendly and sympathetic to Democrats and their supporters. Once again, this is simply playing politics.

Perhaps the greatest slap to the face for Americans is when Boehner had a golden opportunity to defund Obamacare, stopping it dead in its tracks, and refused to pull the trigger. As Speaker of the House he had the power of the purse and could have denied Obamacare its funding. This action shocked Boehner’s constituents, but not as much as pictures showing the Speaker spending quality time with the Commander-in-Chief on the golf course. It seems that the Speaker has become best buddies with the president, and his association is troubling to conservatives, as it more than likely means he is willing to do the bidding of the administration, rather than do his job to uphold the Constitution.

Reports from Boehner’s district indicate he is not accessible to his constituents, spending little time getting to know what his voters actually think on the issues that matter most to them. This is why it is time for Americans all over the country, not just in Ohio, to kick establishment politicians like John Boehner to the curb and elect individuals who are dedicated to principles rather than making politics a lifelong career. This alone will not cure the country of its ills, but it is a pretty good place to start.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell
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