Justin Bieber’s New Song ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’ About Selena Gomez? (Audio)

Justin Bieber released a brand new song, called Hard 2 Face Reality and due to its lyrics, people are wondering if he is singing about his relationship with Selena Gomez. The song was released on Saturday, April 26 on SoundCloud. Bieber sings about the struggles of having a long distance relationship and talking to your significant other over the phone all night long.

Hard 2 Face Reality is a fresh R&B ballad and a mellow electric guitar-driven song, featuring singer-producer-songwriter Poo Bear. “Thank you Justin Bieber for keeping me on this incredible record! You are truly a blessing. Sometimes it is hard to face reality,” Poo Bear wrote on Twitter.

According to recent reports and the lyrics of the song Hard 2 Face Reality, many fans are wondering if Justin Bieber’s new song talks about Selena Gomez. It is well-known that the couple had a long distance relationship, which they tried to nurture with long conversations, pictures and videos. Selena recently bought a house and wanted Justin to move in with her, but latest reports are suggesting that he is not moving anywhere just yet.

Justin and Selena had many ups and downs in the past, especially because of jealousy and alleged cheating. Some latest news are claiming that Gomez recently ended the relationship for good, as she found out that Bieber cheated on her with Kylie Jenner. Since they are both a very jealous type of people, Selena feels betrayed and has reportedly cut ties with both Jenner sisters as well as with Justin. Since she has been emotionally quite unstable lately, Gomez’s friends are worried that she will eventually break down and end up back in rehab. After she fired her parents, dumped Justin Bieber and cut ties with Taylor Swift and Jenner sisters, it now seems that the Come and Get It singer is all alone.

Whether or not the new song Hard 2 Face Reality talks about Selena Gomez, the fact is that the reality is currently slapping Justin Bieber very hard. Rather than the music that he creates, Justin became better known for the scandals that he causes. It looks like Bieber is not learning anything from his mistakes and keeps on getting into trouble. Even though he is young and restless, Justin should be aware of the fact that eventually, every man has to take responsibility for his actions. However, despite all of the recent scandals that he caused, Bieber also had time to record and has surprised his fans with a brand new song.

Hard 2 Face Reality Lyrics:

Sometimes it’s hard to face reality
Even though you might get mad at me
Sometimes it’s hard to face reality

Don’t be afraid to stand alone
Don’t be afraid to stand outside the door alone
I know it’s hard to work from home
And it ain’t easy all alone
Relationships over the phone
Talking to your significant other all night long

Should’ve been adjusted to my life
Had the opportunity to stay away from the last time
Now you’re standing right in front of me
It hurts me to know that I lied
Trying to protect your feelings
You’ve been in between the lines
Hope your heart is still in healing

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