Katy Perry Dyes Hair Green


It should not be a surprise to hear that the pop diva, Katy Perry, dyed her hair green recently. She has sported much brighter colors than this, albeit they were temporary. She is stating that the change in color is in celebration of Spring. Maybe this means that she will change her hair color with each season, how about orange for summer, brown for fall, and white for winter. There are so many options she could choose from. She is currently on tour, with upcoming dates in Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool to name a few, and returns to the States in June. Debuting the green locks at a political event on Monday, the star showed up at Coachella yesterday, and showed off the new color. The songstress was seen hanging out with Lea Michele at the Lacoste pool party, both looking like girls ready to have fun. They each looked gorgeous even in the searing 85 degree desert heat. Both sporting skirts and sunglasses and Perry wearing a hat to protect her alabaster complexion, took the time to pose for pictures. She also posed with Steven Tyler of  Aerosmith who was also sporting a touch of green in his hair. This star-studded event was the place to be, if seeing the rich and famous in casual clothing is something the public wants to see. It seems the fans do want to see their favorites dressed down and ready to party, as there are a lot of pictures from Coachella and the stars that attended. Julianne Hough and Emma Roberts were just two of the cuties sporting shorts and looking good.


Perry who is known for her colorful outfits and even more colorful video’s, seemed to choose an odd event to debut her dyed green hair, however fans expect the unexpected from her. She certainly knows how to keep the media talking, from her controversial outfit on Sesame Street, to the more recent, girl on girl action with Miley Cyrus. This lady can attract a crowd and keep their attention.

Newly single as of February, Perry showed up at Bazaar’s Pool party looking super cute in a pink bikini covered with a mesh shirt and shorts. The only thing more talked about than her looks is her love life. Her fans would like nothing better than to see her happy in a healthy relationship, rather than the whirlwind romances she seems to always get involved in. Her brief marriage to Russell Brand was a devastating split for Perry, even though several hit songs came from the painful divorce. Fans around the world are glad that she did not let herself succumb to the depression that could have led to much worse than emotionally explicit lyrics. Then there is her on again, off again relationship with John Mayer which always seems to be in the tabloids. Many a fan, and even the media seem to agree that he just doesn’t seem to be the one for her. Seeing a happy Katy Perry, even with dyed green hair is preferable to seeing her personal life splashed across the tabloids.

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