Kesha Looks Happier and Healthier Than Ever

KeshaKesha has only been out of rehab for just less than a month, and already looks happier and healthier than ever. The singing super star decided it was time to get help to battle her eating disorder that was caused by then negativity surrounding the music industry.

The Timber spent two months in rehab for her bulimia. While there, she learned more about the psychology behind the disorder and tips to handle the stressful times. She was photographed just before going into rehab, and was starting to look drawn in her face. Now she looks curvy and healthy. Now the people around her and her fans just hope that this is something that will continue.

When she initially went into rehab, she explained that she wanted people to be themselves. She wanted the same for herself, but had found it extremely difficult. She needed the time out to get back to who she really believed she was.

It definitely seems to have helped. The first thing she did was drop the dollar sign from her name. Her Twitter handle also changed to @KeshaRose instead of @Ke$haSuxx to show the change that she is happier being herself. After that, she took the time to thank all her fans for their support and made it clear that she was ready to get out there for them.

The Tick Tock singer showed off her beautiful figure at the Humane Society Benefit Gala, which was her first official outing after leaving the facility. She kept the makeup minimal, letting her black gown do all the sparkling for her. The natural look helped to add to the healthier and happier look that Kesha now has more than ever before.

The 27-year-old singer was only supposed to be in the Timberline Knolls facility for a short period. Her spring tour was supposed to go ahead as scheduled. However, she put her health first when she realized that she needed more time in the facility. The tour has been postponed, but she does not want to disappoint her fans.

It seems like the decision to get treatment has helped others in Kesha’s life. Pebe Sebert, her mother, joined her in Timberline Knolls to seek help for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

While on the red carpet at the benefit gala, the singer decided to avoid talking to the reporters. However, she wanted to make it clear that she is celebrating succeeding at rehab and getting back on her feet. Her hair and makeup artist released a video of herself getting ready for the gala, where she sang along to Drunk in Love by Beyonce with her friends.

It takes a lot of courage and strength for someone to admit they need help. The Tick Tock singer did that and more by admitting that she needed to seek help for her eating disorder. She proved to women and men around the world that being healthy is more important than being thin. Kesha now looks happier and healthier than ever, and there is hope that she will remain that way.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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