Kim Kardashian Mudder

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian and sister Khloe tackled a mud run Saturday and officially became mudders when each crossed the finish line of the 3.32 mile course in Northern California. Competing in black tights and facial bandanas, the two members of the reality TV show clan posted Instagram pics of their exploits. Mud runs are more than running, they are true fitness tests of aerobic capacity and upper body strength, as the competitors tackle various challenges throughout the course.

Competitors in the mud run must traverse over and through several muddy obstacles. The messiest are the mud pits on the course. The mud pits are made by dredging a hole and filling it with dirt and water to make a wet and gooey vat of mud. The Kardashian clan definitely became mudders going through the pits. Other obstacles in include a hill climb, cargo net climb, monkey bars and a slip and slide. The two sisters could not avoid getting some dirt and slime under their fingernails at this event. Everyone involved ends up a muddy mess. No word on whether the sibs enjoyed a celebratory beer available at the end of the contest.

Mud runs are the latest fitness fad available for weekend warriors and fitness fanatics. Most every community of any size has 5k runs to test endurance on an almost weekly basis. Triathlons and duathlons are also popular. The mud run is part of the evolution of the fitness industry, trying to bring about new and fun ways to compete and undergo fitness tests. Most mud runs are about the length of a 5k run and contain several obstacles, many of which are designed to plop the participants in a vat of dirty goo. Many dress up in wild costumes and take pictures of their muddy awesomeness at the completion of the race. Unlike local 5k races and triathlon events, the promoters of the events put them together as a profit-making endeavor. Given that the mud races are spreading across the country, the race promoters must make some money off of the events.

The mud runs are a good test of strength and endurance. A local 5k race is tough enough, even on a paved roadway with no obstacles. The mudders must run between the obstacles in order to achieve a good race time. Running becomes more difficult as the participants slog through the course and become wetter and muddier. Running in waterlogged shoes and heavy, wet clothing becomes a chore. Finishing becomes a relief and an accomplishment.

Although generally decked out with perfect hair and makeup, the Kardashian sisters entered an arena in which they came out exactly the opposite. They were gooey, muddy messes. After the race, they could not say they had a bad hair day. They had an atomic, catastrophic bad hair day. At least they did this on purpose. In all likelihood the sister duo burned out their hair dryer collection after cleaning up form the ultimate mess. Yes, Kim and Khloe Kardashian are mudders!

By William Costolo

US Weekly
New York Daily News

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  1. Ryan   April 29, 2014 at 10:13 am

    There is only one true way to become a Mudder.

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