Game of Thrones Moments That Make People Think ‘Huh?’

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones is full of moments that make people think “huh?” The show that has been adapted from George R.R. Martin’s Songs of Ice and Fire series has left many viewers on the edges of their seats, and questioning the writers’ sanities. The most controversial scene last week led to masses of people debating over whether the sex was consensual or not, but that was not the only scene to get people talking.

One of the first scenes was the moment with the “golden crown.” For episodes all Rhaegar Targaryen wanted was to wear the golden crown of Westeros. However, he annoyed the Dothraki so much that he ended up with his own makeshift golden crown, and his sister Danaerys simply watched on as her husband, Khal Drogo, created the crown for him. Coins were melted down and then poured directly onto Rhaeger’s head, making it clear that he was not a real dragon. As Danaerys pointed out, real dragons would not be killed by fire.

Joffrey has to come into the mix when looking into the biggest, most questionable moments. One of those was just a flash at the end of season three. Littlefinger is talking to Varys about the little spy that Varys had in the capital, Ros. Since she was supposed to work for Littlefinger and was someone he was supposed to be able to trust, LIttlefinger decided to make a spectacle of her. He allowed Joffrey to play out one of his own fantasies: live target practice. It was less than 30 seconds put certainly raised some eyebrows and was a Game of Thrones moment that made many people think “huh?”

The Red Wedding has to come on the list. Readers of the book expected some of it, but certainly not all. The biggest shock had to be the moment Robb Stark’s pregnant wife was stabbed in the belly numerous times from behind. The only thing Talisa could do was stare at her belly, knowing that it would be the end of her and her unborn child. Robb tried to fight back, but it was a lost cause for the Starks. Killing the wife was never in the books, since Talisa was never there, and Martin recently opened up to explain just how difficult it was for him to write this final scene for Catelyn and Robb Stark.

A Game of Thrones scene that had many people turn away in disgust was the murder of the baby in the brothel. On the orders of King Joffrey, all his illegitimate brothers and sisters needed to be killed. Unfortunately, that included the innocent and defenseless babies, while their mothers watched. While there were likely many more, the one in the brothel was on show most of the time. The baby was taken off the screen for the final killing, but it did not stop the thoughts and pictures running through everyone’s heads as they got a glimpse of just how terrible King Joffrey was going to turn out to be.

Most shows that adapt the storylines from books will do something different to keep people guessing, and this show has not been any different. There have been a number of moments that made people question the sanity of the writers and show runners. The ones just mentioned are the Game of Thrones moments that really made people say “huh?”

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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  1. Ali   May 3, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    Daenerys’ brother that got killed by the Dothraki is Viserys, not Rhaegar. Rhaegar is her brother but he got killed during Robert’s Rebellion before she was born.

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