Kim Kardashian Will Carry North West Down the Aisle?

Kim KardashianNorth West has always been pipped to be the flower girl at her mom’s wedding, but now it seems like Kim Kardashian wants to carry her down the aisle too. The ten-month-old will likely replace Bruce Jenner if this is the case.

Jenner gave his stepdaughter away during her second marriage to Kris Humphries, and was expected to have the same honor this time. A source explained to Life and Style magazine that Kardashian is not sure she wants her stepfather to walk her down the aisle this time, favoring her little girl. It is understandable considering just how adorable North looks. It will also give Kanye West two things to smile at when he watches them walk down to join him at the altar.

There is still some planning for the couple, mainly the finer details. Most of the biggest stuff is now in place ready for their May 24 wedding. It is still set to be an intimate affair. Well, as intimate as it can be when it comes to having the E! Entertainment television crew there filming every moment of it.

There is no word on whether Jenner is upset about missing out on this moment. He may not feel like he is missing out, considering he was there for the reality TV star’s 2011 wedding. He may also understand his stepdaughter’s decision to place her own daughter center stage with her. The question is whether the logistics and planning allow for Kardashian to carry daughter North down the aisle.

There may also be the worry that the baby repeats her actions from the Vogue cover shoot. She reportedly peed all over West while they were shooting the shots on the couch, and the 33-year-old star had to help clean everything up. It would be a shame if she did that on Kardashian’s wedding dress, although it would always be a wedding to talk about.

West does not seem to have a problem with his fiancée carrying his daughter down the aisle. According to the 36-year-old rapper, his daughter has changed everything about his life. He could not stop gushing about her during an interview on February 25 on Late Night With Seth Meyers. This was before Kardashian revealed the news about the toilet incident, and it would have been interesting to see his reaction when telling the story.

Carrying North down the aisle will definitely be a talking point for an already expected spectacular big day. Not many couples have the chance to do this, and very few make the decision to opt for it when they do have the chance. Many want the day to be all about them as a couple, while West and his 33-year-old wife-to-be seem to want it to be about their family as a whole.

Bits and pieces about the wedding are being released slowly. Some of this is by guests, while others are from the two lovebirds. Only time will tell whether Kardashian does opt for the special moment of carrying North West down the aisle with her on her third wedding day.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


Life and Style Magazine

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