Lindsay Lohan Has Hard Times and Good Times

Lohan Lindsay Lohan has made headlines off and on for years; everything from rehab, drug problems, sex lists and recent news of a miscarriage while filming her new show have plagued her reputation as a worthwhile actress. The term “any publicity is good publicity” absolutely applies to the life of Lohan; her misfortunes and dirty deeds are what keep her name current. However, good deeds that do not get publicity are a part of a famous person’s mold as well and in some ways may help salvage a soiled reputation just in time; Lindsay Lohan has had extreme hard times, though there is still hope for her.

Lohan has grown up in the lime light. When she was a mere twelve years old she starred in Disney’s “The Parent Trap,” and since has continued to star in many more age-specific movies such as “Herbie Fully Loaded” and “The Canyons.” Rumors of drug-related issues started surfacing somewhere around the mid-point of her career and have not let go of her spotlight since. Now, with her surfaced confession of going through a miscarriage during the filming of her new reality show, it is a good time to bring light to the fact that she is a human being with trials, shortcomings, sorrows and most importantly a giving heart.

All hope may not be lost with Lohan; in fact, she is very receptive to others’ suffering and validated opinions, so much so that she donates her own time and money in order to help others live a better life. She has allegedly stopped wearing fur after the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) confronted her about her fashion choices. Lohan is especially interested in the downtrodden people and health of this world, supporting charities like BID 2 BEAT AIDS, Save the Children and Red Cross. In 2011, in the midst of intense court hearings, Lohan donated $50,000 to a children’s charity supporting struggling young mothers: The Baby and I Foundation. A personal focus of Lohan’s is to help disadvantaged young people find their footing again, showing that there is good that has come from her hard times.

While Lohan may be a magnet for bad publicity, there are many noteworthy accomplishments in her wake. Her giving nature and ability to come out of intense situations and face negative publicity are generally considered positive attributes that are deserving of headlines. Lohan has grown up in Hollywood; anyone living in America can attest to the inevitable hard times that come with a life lived under a microscope. With many stars not living to see thirty-years-old due to a life lived too fast in Hollywood, Lohan is currently doing alright for her many predicaments.

Headlines will continue to slander a reputation that Lohan is trying to mend. News of her miscarriage will lead to many people wondering what went wrong and if she is to blame for the misfortune. While addressing how her life seems to be falling apart in chunks, it is important to remember that Lohan has given much of herself and her money to help other people transform their hard times into a good life.

By Courtney Heitter

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One Response to "Lindsay Lohan Has Hard Times and Good Times"

  1. Adam   April 25, 2014 at 1:43 pm

    Linday Lohan wore fur all throughout her docuseries. She was wearing fur last week – that’s a downright lie that she stopped wearing fur. And the 50 grand she gave was when she had a jail sentence hanging over her head. And that’s the ONLY money she ever gave to any charity and it was for a tax break. She went to a party for Haitian relief – note: a party where she got drunk and left early even though she was hosting it. And she was PAID for the BBC doc on child trafficking. She doesn’t give anyone anything that doesn’t come back to her – whether it’s a jail sentence or a party or a tax break. If you want to see someone who truly gives back – look at Jennifer Lawrence. She has given a million dollars to causes and has raised more money for her charities than all Lohan’s giving put together many times over. Lohan only gives to get.

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