Lindsay Lohan’s Climb From the Abyss

Lindsay LohanSince getting out of rehab Lindsay Lohan may just finally be climbing her way out of the abyss she has been in for years.  Oprah Winfrey stepped up to get her to do a documentary on her channel OWN. The final show is soon to be aired and it portrays Lohan’s ups and downs when dealing with her addiction to alcohol. In the U.S. alone fifteen million people are dependent on alcohol, but being famous has put a microscope on her, which could make it more difficult to recover. She knows this is her last shot to turn her life around. Though that will not be easy as she has burned many bridges in her alcoholism haze.  She will not only have to gain back the trust of personal friends and family, but she will also have to gain the trust of her fellow peers. It is a lot of pressure and since Lindsay does not like confrontation it is going to be a long and difficult road.

One must remember that it took her a long road to develop her habit and it will take a long road to fix said habit. Having Oprah in her corner may be just the boost Lindsay Lohan needs to climb out of the abyss and make her way back to A-list status. She will need a big support team like Winfrey. She is known for throwing tantrums, showing up late on the set, or not showing up at all. She has to realize these actions will not prove she is in for a change. If she wants to prove to everyone she has changed she must also shed her diva ways. For fans they should not expect her to just bounce back because the offers are not going to be flooding in until she can prove that she is off the alcohol and has a dependable work ethic.

Hollywood actor Ben Affleck even showed his support by visiting her in rehab. If more celebrities would show their support it is possible her road might become easier. Remember Lohan is not the first famous actress to fall deep into the abyss and climb their way back out. Lest we forget Elizabeth Taylor who suffered in the same way. Also, Robert Downey Jr. was at the bottom. Thanks to rehab he was able to recover and become one of the top in the movie industry. An insider expert said, if this ex Mean Girls star was to work hard she could be back on the top in two years.

Many fans and other celebrities are rooting for Lohan to make a full recovery and with the support of others it is fully possible. Director Paul Schrader says, Lohan thrives on chaos that she wouldn’t be able to live without some chaos. Lindsay should make sure to prove this director wrong that she can function in a society not having to be a diva and not having to have alcohol. If Lohan uses  this documentary for the good and uses all the positive reinforces in her life, then Lindsay Lohan will be able to climb out of the deep abyss she has built around herself. 

Opinion by Heather Tillman


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