Jack Robinson: Four-Year-Old Laid to Rest in Star Wars-Themed Funeral

Robinson Star Wars funeralOne of the most heartbreaking things any parent could ever have to do is bury their child, and sadly, that is what the Robinsons had to do for their son Jack. However, Jack did not want to have an ordinary funeral. Instead, he wanted his service to include something he dearly loved. Four-year-old Jack Robinson wanted to be laid to rest in a Star Wars-themed funeral, and his parents went out of their way to make sure their son’s final wish was granted.

The last thing any parent should have to worry about is that their child could be stricken with cancer at such a young age. However, that is what happened to four-year-old Jack Robinson’s parents. After noticing that his pupils were enlarged, Robinson’s mother became alarmed and sought medical attention for her son. At a time when he should have been running around, carefree, playing, and simply enjoying life, he was at the hospital where he underwent a CT scan that revealed a brain tumor. He was given only a five percent chance to live.

Medical procedures were performed to drain fluid from Robinson’s brain and then he underwent a five-hour procedure to remove 40 percent of the brain tumor. The remaining 60 percent was inoperable. He was scheduled to begin a series of chemo and radiation therapies; however, his condition began to deteriorate.

Robinson’s parents wanted to make this time in his life was as enjoyable as possible and asked him to list things he would like to do or see. Robinson dictated a bucket list of things he would like to experience before he died, and his parents tried to make them all happen. Doctor Who star, Matt Smith sent Robinson a personal video. Singer Gary Barlow and a football team stopped by the hospital to visit with Robinson. In addition, he was able to take a ride in a fire truck and celebrated his birthday early.

Unfortunately, just a few short months following his diagnosis, he lost his battle with cancer and passed away on April 1. Jack Robinson’s parents spent the next nine days preparing for his funeral where they would lay their 4-year-old son to rest in a Star Wars-themed service. It was a beautiful tribute to their precious little boy and one that made his final dream come true.

Robinson’s body was placed in a Star Wars casket and driven to the All Saints Church in a white, glass encased, horse-drawn carriage. There were two floral wreaths, one hanging from each side of the carriage that spelled out “Jedi” and “Jack.” Other adornments on the carriage included photos from the Star Wars movie, and floral wreaths in the shape of Yoda, R2-D2, and a light saber.

In keeping with the theme, numerous storm troopers walked alongside the carriage as horses pulled it slowly. Behind the storm troopers walked a long line of grieving friends and family members including Jack’s identical twin brother Liam and his three sisters, all following him to his final resting place.

When the funeral procession arrived at the All Saints Church, R2-D2 was waiting at the door for Robinson. During the service, a brass band played the song, Binary Sunset, which was Luke Skywalker’s theme song from episode four, and those in attendance received a special program that said Master Jack Robinson joined the Force on the 1st of April 2014.

Although this must have been the worst time in his parents’ lives, they made sure that they granted their son’s final wish and gave him the most special send off ever. Four-year-old Jack Robinson was laid to rest just the way he wanted, in a Star Wars-themed funeral fit for a true Jedi.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin

Daily Mail

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  1. miichaelepic   April 22, 2014 at 9:48 am

    That’s beautiful…..may Master Jack Robinson rest in peace.


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